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"I'm like a child in the sand on the beach of the land of you."
    Lean Woman Blues - Marc Bolan.

T.Rex - Electric Warrior

List of Reviewers

=== Review by Mark McL ===

Electric Warrior (draft Review)

As a matter of honour I have to post this during January but intend expanding it when I can. Bashed out in 20 minutes while Mary prepares our tea for tonight (Chicken in black bean sauce with stir fried veg and a bottle of Gewertztraminer).


General Comment 0: First term (semester) at college before I split with my first girl-friend.(I was a late developer). Still on a high from the summer.

General Comment 1: It sound like there was a fluffy towel stuffed in the mixed desk. Why so muffled and indistinct a sound?

General Comment 2: The poetry has been replaced by pop song lyrics. Shorter, snappier, more repetitions.

General Comment 3: There are number of lyrics which show a detached view of humanity from a regal or god-like, Olympian stance [indicated by (*)]

Favorite line in each song indicated.

Side 1:

1.Mambo Sun
"I got a powder-keg leg and my wig's all pooped for you."
Good rocking start.

2.Cosmic Dancer
"Is it wrong to understand The fear that dwells inside a man" (*)
For many this is a pivotal song. MB is the cosmic dancer. Sorry but this song does not do much for me.

"I'll call you Jaguar If I may be so bold"
Boy how simple we were in those days. That final "I?m gonna s-s-s-uck you" must have doubled the sales to teenage girls.

"Shallow are the actions Of the children of men" (*)
Great song.

5.Lean Woman Blues
"I'm like a child in the sand On the beach of the land of you"
This one get me out of the chair and playing the air guitar.

Side 2:

1.Get It On
"You're built like a car You got a hubcap diamond star halo"
Hit single.

2.Planet Queen
"Dragon head Machine of lead, Cadillac King Dancer in the midnight"
One of my favourite tracks. "Flying saucer take me away" (*)

"O Girl Electric witch you are, Limp in society's ditch you are"
A sad song. "O God High in your fields above earth" (*)

4.The Motivator
"Love the way you walk Love the way you walk"
Cracking song as he struts his stuff. "I love the way your eye It doth shine like an Egyptian ruby" always reminds me of the line from Bob Dylan about "she wear an Egyptian ring that sparkles before she speaks".

5.Life's A Gas
"I could have burned Your fate in the sand"
Despite the upbeat title this is a very melancholy song. This gets to me like very few others, that catch in the throat. A relationship has broken up and he looks back with sadness not anger, but strong.

"I'm a social person I'm the creature in disguise"
An odd last track. First time I heard this I was not at all convinced. It seemed self indulgent, but I grew to like it, there are some great phrases in there "I'm the cat from the alley I'm the fleetfoot voodoo man"

Mark McL.

=== Review by Syd ===

G'day all you Rockers and Boppers

Including Hot Love on Electric Warrior would probably have been very successful commercially, but for me it would have significantly reduced the impact and quality of the album, I'm not too keen having singles on albums - I get sick of hearing them. My preference would have been not to include Get it On or Jeepster on the Album either. Releasing Jeepster as a single was supposedly an after thought by the Fly label. I doubt it, I reckon Jeepster was earmarked as a single when Warrior was released and Marc's opposition to it being released as a single was purely due to the fact that he had left the Fly label.

For me, Raw Ramp SHOULD have been included on the album as should Bolan's Blues (although Marc probably would never have gotten away with releasing such an explicit song back in 1971), but also the title track Electric Warrior should also have been included. The rumour is that the title track has been lost - but I believe the Electric Boogie song at the end of Raw Ramp is that title track.


=== Review by MarcO ===

This is the most difficult album to review, albeit the best. Why? Read on.
Put yourself in Marcs position, Tyran. Rex. is dead and buried. T Rex is born.

The Lyrics though, where did they come from? An author can progress, book to book, poem to poem or whatever, but this was too quick. One thing is to know when a song was recorded, another is to know when it was written. In other words, when did, why did this change come about. To my knowledge, Hot Love was written about 1968-9 so what about these? Get It On, and Rip Off sound very 70s, but the rest, even Jeepster, for me are 69 or before. Do we know?

So was Hot Love another Visconti Masterstroke? pulled from the Bolan mental storage bin. Are we led to believe Marc was the failed Magician and Visconti the Alchemist savior? Turning lead into gold.

Lets suppose Marc never became famous and Tyrann. Rex. never changed their style, would most of us still have found Marc? I think so. What about Bowie. Could it be possible that Visconti could work with him and not bring ideas from that experience to blend, form, shape, Marcs Music? and vice versa.

We can all listen to an album and say we do or don't like it, we can listen to albums and compare them with previous efforts, thats easy, but you cannot compare an album with the next offering 'cos thats progression. What you want to hear and what the artist wants to play may be two different things.

We all wanted Marc to better Warrior, the same as Floyd fans wanted them to better D.S.O.T.M. or Meatloaf to better Bat out of Hell, or Oldfield to better T. Bells, or Bowie better Ziggy. It never happens, does it?

I can Imagine you all saying, this is a typical MarcO post, digressing again, but its not enough for me to just review, I gotta get under the skin. Sometimes I wonder what was the biggest, the man or his music, or Tony Visconti?

As for the album, a masterpiece, the strings make it for me. I think if Marc Played acoustic backed by an orchestra on all his albums, I'd be a happy little chappie.

If only Rip Off had been replaced by Hot love, still, you cant fuck every woman you meet, can you?

I'll review the album next time around, MarcO.

=== Review by zoom ===

EW. Despite the huge acclaim and its commercial success, I have never been crazy about it. I've never played guitar along with it either. As a late comer to TRex, I don't know the impact how affected you when it's released. Personally, it's very curious to observe how the social reaction might have overwhelmed to your perception. It's an no-doubt CLASSIC ROCK album. Marc knew about it whereto and TV was very much intended to it. They succeed the estate. Me?, it sounded compact-ish. I wasn't able to describe it any further at the time; like kids unable to note difference of the perfumes. So, here I am: What is the CLASSIC ROCK? (Please note that it's not classical music. May no one here seems care about it, but.)

CLASSIC ROCK guarantees to you to bring same effect/emotion time after time by the specific-mannered production. Safe clean play. Rec. labels loouved and still do. Down-side is nonetheless this animated feeling may bring back where you were, does not evolve with you. Hence sounds static: Compact-ish. Marc never tried putting himself in that production position before and self-claimed omnipotent artist sure wanted to make it. TV took full charge to realize his wish. But subsequently the too specific-mannered production must have pestered TV a bit. Thus he claims highly the decent blend of produced and in-progress album TANX. In this regard, ELECTRIC WARRIOR SESSION is superb to me. It was my #1 CD in '96 retrospection.

I enormously enjoyed reading Syd's and Rickster's recent posts about facts behind ZIP GUN. But could we label Marc was a poor producer by them? Yeah, take after take blowing precious studio hours must have appeared to onlookers wanted to say "go back home. play some. find what you want." Notice that from EW SESSION and also from UNCHAINEDs, all takes were complete versions unlike other bambi artists struggled to find a right riff. TV mentioned at TRex 20/50 NYC; "Marc was always on." Well put indeed. But why at the studio? You must know this anecdote; 100 meters sprinter never run more than 30 meters in practice because body remembers the pace, cannot break his best at compe.

As a sprinter himself, Marc was five steps ahead than the most rest. Let's look whence he was at. All hymned about beauties of unfinished. Then pop music industries? Look at Velvet went through (huh?, Doors? who cares those othercoast surfheads). We had to wait it until the Punk bomb drop. Are you still going to apply corporate measures to Marc? ('m not declaring war to Syd zow. thankyouverymuch). Nowadays, who Real Artists making animated production albums? They all have lapsed-space in-progresss feeling intentionally.

EW was the one Marc made under tight production.


=== Review by Tom ===

My 2 cents worth from Oz it isn't worth much but here goes another evaluation....on
Electric Warrior........please remember that personal correspondence will NOT be entered into...if you have complaints please write them on a piece of paper and swallow it!!!!

Mambo Sun.....Adam Ant could not do it better......so much of the ANT music style is stolen from the MAMBO concept....I've remixed Mambo dozens of times and extended it to a dance track...and it still holds a fascination for me...specially the line about the "leg" and the "wig"????

Cosmic Dancer......a tad too long with the repetitious words at the start but Tony V put great thought into the drum ending with the slow build of key changes in the orchestrations.....I remixed it too, to cut the words and extend the ending....I added a little ending not on the "real" song to help end it with a more plaintive cry....also there are 2 mixes of this on different CD's.....the Electric Warrior version has a strum start on guitar and the bass is loud, the Collection CD has no strum starting and the bass has been dropped 6 decibels.....go check!!!!....and the raw "Sessions" version is also out there....

Jeepster......mmmm!!.....hard to evaluate because it is a solid rock performance on the Electric W. Sessions but it's too tame on the real CD...the extended Tony V remix is a better way to put it together as a track but there are too many sections where the lyric is cut....waiting to hear the 7" remix that Wolf is sending....sometime soon I hope. I have also remixed this song many times....karaoke mixed and "monitor" mixed and synthetic stereo mixes etc...the karaoke mix is a hoot...sing like Marc in the shower!!!! The BBC sessions version shows just how much Tony ended up polishing this song....there is more about this song at the end of the post.

Monolith..............a passable track, but it feels like it was not mixed right....would like someone to have a go at a remaster.

Lean Woman Blues............there are different versions in the can and it would nice if CUBE let out the alternate takes....give us home DJ's a chance to play with it some more...

Get It On...........I like the Tony V 12" ......it's my favourite 12" by any artist..........in reality, it is only the Warrior Session version with the words deleted from the second last verse........the overdubs are spot-on and the strings are at a good balance and it retains the integrity of the original..................Tillers when everyone gets their remix tapes I have had a go at adding the "gong" to the Warrior Sessions version and mixed it to a faster speed and made it run in a different key......enjoy! Marc wanted to keep the "gong" idea for the instrumental breaks but it was not done at the time, Tony V put it into the 1987 remixes.....but it's too subtle to notice..."bang a gong" comes out as "can you hear a gong"?

Planet Queen............(a guy who is interested in Uranus).....<sorry bad jokes are my specialty>....this track is pretty much disposable.......the rough cut of Baby Strange from the Sessions CD would have been better...in this particular running order.

Girl..............lacks production...should have had the strings to the fore.....Tony V must have been outvoted that day?

The Motivator...........with a bit of bass/treble and echo added I have been able to extend this myself to a dance track...BELIEVE IT OR NOT......still a good strong song with hooks everywhere.........Tim load up the Walkman ....it's good to walk to????

Life's A Gastric Problem...........it should have been the closer for the whole LP but isn't.......so memorable and makes you want to go back and listen to the whole LP again to build to this climax......I have never bothered to fiddle with it or remix it........'cause it's OK the way it is.

RIP_ORF....is just that.....aptly named. Like MarcO said 'hot love" or some other track would be better....and to have it on the end makes me cringe at the choice........

Technically I hope someone remasters it properly Electric Warrior into maybe a "surround sound mix".......my version of Jeepster [the home made mix] is fabulous.....I mixed it to get all the instruments in 3 speakers and Marc's voice in one.....someone should do it to the real CD.

The Sessions CD has "Jewel" [the rough mix].....it could have been on the running order for this LP quite happily.............it seems better than the "BOLAN Boogie" version..........

Mr. Music

=== Review by Stewart ===

First review
When it was thought of doing a review of an album that we hadn't listened to in some time, i sat back and thought which one it would be.

After some thought i came to the conclusion that it was The Electric Warrior album, yes hard for even me to believe but i think it was because that i had listened to it so many times in the past when my collection was much smaller that now i had so many new recording's of Marc to enjoy, Electric Warrior was put in the back ground, been able to play the entire album from memory in my head.

Electric Warrior is as close to prefection as any album that i have every heard, every note every breath every thought of this album has been well crafted from beginning to end. The word that comes to mind is Tight the only other album of Marc's that comes close to this well thought out and practiced recording is Dandy.

Even the Electric Warrior sessions cd has that tight feel about it, it seem's that this part of Marc's recording caree was well thought out before he put anything to tape.

I have read in many places that this was Tony's influance, to get thing's down on tape that were perfect and it showed on this album.

Now about the album, there is not one weak song on the whole thing there all classic's every track worked out to perfection, even the track's that try to be loose like Lean Woman Blues are well thought out. Even Bolan been mad at the world in Rip Off are tight. I can't think what i don't like about this album the music is perfect, the album cover is one of the best pieces of modern art. On and on i could go about how great this album is, but then you all know it.

What else can i say about the greatest rock n roll album of all time, strong word's but it is how i feel about this piece of Rock History.

,,,,,,,,,,,Romany Stew

Second review
Marc's Electric Warrior album is an All Time Classic,it was his biggest album ever here in North America to date.Get it On[Bang a Gong] still get's regular air play over here on the radio. Sadly it's the only song you ever hear of Marc's been played on the radio here,but that may soon change.

Interest in Marc's music is at an all time high over here,you can go into any big record store and find EW,Slider and Tanx,it wasn't that long ago that you couldn't find anything by Marc. I think that people buy EW because of Get it On and then find such a great album that it brings them back for more. EW is such great album from the album cover to it's super Hi Fi sound it is something that will stand the test of time,as does any great work of art.

Tony's strings do wonders to the album,with Cosmic Dancer been the ultimate i would love to hear them just recorded as a piece of classical music. Bill's druming on Cosmic Dancer is one of the best i have ever heard by any drummer. Steve's bass line on The Motivator is just to good for words as are the rest of the band.

Marc him self put's it all together with such nice guitar work that modern day players are just starting find out and learn from the Master that you can get such a good feel from his style. Marc's vocal's way to cool for words as are the songs them self. All in all EW is a perfect package,you play it Loud and it comes across sweet and clean with no ringing in the ear's afterwards.

One of the few alltime albums you can sit down and listen too from start to finish without wanting to skip a song or two, it's Pure magic from start to finish.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Romany Stew

=== Review by Michel ===

Hi Tillers,

When I did my Slider review, I started with this paragraph :

>As I was always listening to Tyrannosaurus Rex's albums and trying to get my friends to understand Marc Bolan's poetry and musical fantasy, I was finally realizing that it would be impossible to educated the sleeping ignorants that couldn't recognize Marc's genius. PROPHETS, UNICORN, BEARD OF STARS, T.REX... none really worked. Then, finally, ELECTRIC WARRIOR was released and they all said how great a rock album it was. And they all bought it... I was so happy as they didn't seem to realise it was the same Marc Bolan, but nevertheless, they felt they already knew him. So, all in all, everything was fine.>

I was in Holland when this album was released and as I put the headphones on, I was getting bopping electric shockwaves. I knew right away that Marc had finally found the formula to conquer the world.

Now that it is obvious this album will be praised (as it should be and deserves to be) I will take the stand and dare to explain what I DON'T LIKE about this album. It will be more original as it is a 'love & hate' relationship I have with ELECTRIC WARRIOR.

First of all, the cover stinks ! (I know, that's a little too strong - I just wanted to get your attention...) I mean I was seduced by Tyrannosaurus Rex' poetical imagery and presentation. Although MY PEOPLE was too much an amateur 'psychedelic' cover, PROPHETS was perfectly in line with the Tolkien tradition and UNICORN presented us with a brotherly Marc - I felt I had known him all my life, all my life I had been waiting for his music. BEARD OF STARS gave us Marc the timeless poet in his eternal youth. T.REX (the brown album) then introduced us to the same elf-poet ready to get on stage to offer us a rocking version of his mystical poetry.

So when I saw the EW cover - I first thought it looked too much like a heavy metal album. The poetry was gone, the light had faded (I know, it's an easy one as the cover is black <g>)...

Then - although I like all the songs and enjoy listening to it immensely (please don't get me wrong) - I always regret the freedom that was a real part ot Marc's music, the uniqueness of the bass playing and percussions, the clever use of strange instruments and the way the arrangements were done as to give a style and sound unheard before - even the electric guitar did fit in this magical musical landscape. But this same freedom was now forever trapped in a regular and banal predictable drum & bass beat. Marc's music was slowly becoming normal rock 'n roll. His style of singing and songwriting being the only original features that, because it was now treated as common rock 'n roll, slowly and finally drifted into the anonymity of the vast ocean of rock albums released year after year.

It may sound hard as a critique, but this is eventually what happened almost immediately after TANX...

Well, that's all I can think of as being negative about this album - it just was the beginning of the end. But as I love all the songs, and that eventually 'all things must pass' on this earth - I have no real reason to complain.



=== Review by Sage ===

The Electric Warrior album moved Tyrannosaurus Rex and the early incarnation of T Rex from it's Vocal / Guitar / Percussion format into the realm of a fully realized band with the addition of Steve Currie on bass guitar and Bill Legend on drums. Furthermore, the sound was opened up even more with the addition of Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman (also known as Flo & Eddie from The Turtles/The Mothers Of Invention fame) on backing vocals. On top of that* orchestration, saxophones, and flugal horn all make appearances.
  • Mambo Sun * This is my favorite song from this album. I agree with Simes. This tale of yearning, with its creeping rhythm, just oozes raw sexuality! Bolan's references to the moon and "stars in my beard" refer back to earlier works. His love of comics comes across with his reference to Dr. Strange (Marvel Comics' master of mystical arts who was also referenced in "Cymbaline" from Pink Floyd's 1969 release of More). Kaylan and Volman are great on this one. I have always loved the vocal styling of this duo* especially their work on Electric Warrior and The Slider.
  • Cosmic Dancer * Percussion and acoustic guitars. The orchestration adds to the etherealness of this tune. The cello part after "I danced myself into the tomb" is very Beatlesque* actually the entire orchestration reminds me of the production work done for the Beatles by George Martin. The backwards guitar solo that breaks out of the orchestration at the end of the song plays over the high pitched background vocals of Kaylan and Volman once again, with drum rolls that take the listener up into the Cosmos. Kudos to Tony Visconti for this one!
  • Jeepster * This was the second single released from this album. Bolan was definitely here to rock! It's another tale of lustful wanting that moves along at a bopping pace crescendoing at the end at a feverish pace. Bolan compares the pleasure of the girl of his dreams to a car (a practice that he will repeat throughout his career). The version on the Electric Warrior Sessions album is great too.
  • Monolith * A steady drum rhythm plays under Marc's vocals with Kaylan and Volman providing lilting almost choir-like background vocals while the psychedelic wah-wah guitar lines spiral in and out of each verse. The song, to me, speaks of the unified powerful influential force of time from which we all begin. Just when we think that we have things in our grasp, it's too late. Time has passed and we start all over again.
  • Lean Woman Blues * Starting off with a bit of studio chatter, Marc counts out the intro to this number. By all standards, this is just like any other blues riff with a story of being done wrong by a woman. But Marc's vocal style and lyricism really gives it a sense of sexual deviance unlike most standard blues songs.
  • Get It On * This one was the first single from this album. Debuting on the U.K. charts July 10, 1971, this song shot to number one and remained in the charts for 13 weeks. This song is complete with piano and saxophone parts reminiscent of American 50's-style rock and roll. Once again, Bolan speaks to the girl of his desires with some great lyrics. He continues his fascination with cars and women by referencing his girl as being "built like a car". Great background vocals by Kaylan and Volman. This was the first T Rex song that I ever heard. It's not my favorite though, and I personally prefer the Electric Warrior Sessions version.
  • Planet Queen * Features some cool percussion by Micky Finn. Acoustic guitar once again! Another one of my favorites! Kaylan & Volman shine on this one!!!! I love the way Bolan changes his vocal from his normal singing voice to the his trademark strained voice on the second repetition of the "Dragon head" verse. "Give me your daughter!"
  • Girl * More acoustic guitar playing from Bolan with sparse electric guitar overdubs. There is a flugal horn added to the mix also. This song comes the closest in feel to his Tyrannosaurus Rex elven minstrel sound.
  • Motivator * Perhaps my second favorite song from this album. Once again Bolan sings his praise to a member of the opposite sex. A very simple song that just grooves. Enough said.
  • Life's A Gas * Slow acoustic guitar. It's tale of love and what could have been. But it doesn't matter 'cause life is fine just as it is. The simple slide solo break makes way for a fast flurry of guitar licks that lead to the end the song. It would have made a very perfunctory ending to this great album. This song kind of reminds me of the feel that "Main Man" provided to the end of The Slider. It should have been the last song. Instead we get*
  • Rip-Off * Bolan punks out long before it was popular. The song would have been better suited*um I don't know. This track just doesn't seem to jell with the rest of the sound on this album. Don't get me wrong. This song has some balls! I love the way the disjointed saxophone ending flows into the held out keyboard synth. It's cool, but it brings the album to an abrupt end. Maybe it would have been better suited to open the second side before the pop rock of "Get It On". Side note* how 'bout that lyric* "Bleached on the beach I want to tickle your peach." The ever sexual Bolan. What a guy!
Bolan may have liked to rock now, but he never lost his flair for creating amazing lyrical imagery. Many may resent that Electric Warrior signaled the end of his elven minstrel days. I do think, however, that Bolan was able to mix his old style with the new stuff. He just opted for less of the old as time went on. He made that decision due to be constricted to pump out the hit singles one after the other. Besides... everybody's musical style changes as they get older, learn new things from other musicians, and experience what other music is out there. As a musician, one needs to constantly evolve and try new things. I think Bolan did just that. I just wish that he were still around creating new music regardless of the style.


=== Review by Carrie Ann ===


Here is my take on Electric Warrior. As some of you know, this is the record that led me and Moma Alice to Marc. All because we wanted to hear Get It On...our fates were sealed the minute we heard this record. Doomed to a life loving Marc and his music...not too bad, is it?
  • Mambo Sun: Beneath the BeBop Moon...it almost sounds like a love song. My hearts all pain for you...an unrequited love, maybe? Or just a simple love song for June, from her husband, Marc.
  • Cosmic Dancer: In my opinion, this song is about reincarnation. To talk about dancing out of the womb, and then to dance into the tomb, and then dancing out of the womb again. This is one of my favourite songs on this album. And now that I hear this one part, it almost sounds like a little backwards masking going on...does anyone know what part I am talking about?
  • Jeepster: THE song that got me hooked on Marc. I love this song...The whole rhythm of the song is just fantastic. I can't explain it any better than that, it just touches me. Especially that one line..."I'm gonna suck ya!!!"
  • Monolith: I never really liked this song until this year, I guess. A very deep song, musically and lyrically. It almost reminds me of a "dirge" type of song...just for how slow moving the music is. Although, I do love the guitar work on this one.
  • Lean Woman Blues: The strip song!! Brings a smile to my face every time. Again, a love song of sorts. A beggar in the sand, got the sky in my hand...
  • Bang A Gong (Get It On): The song that started it all for me. The first time I heard Marc's version of this song, I knew what real music was. My life was forever changed with the addition of Marc into my world. This song has been copied so many times, maybe not word for word, but the music has. Just listen to Andy Taylor's song "Take It Easy"...and then you will hear the influence Marc had on him and many other musicians. Oh, to take Marc...I will!!
  • Planet Queen: Perchance to Dream...a song about otherworldly events...flying saucer take me away. Reminds me of Monolith, musically. Or is Marc talking about the earth? Being the planet queen...
  • Girl: Another favourite song of mine. This song shows Marc's belief in a Higher being. Maybe not God, but a higher power. Does this song talk about being close to something so beautiful, that it's akin to being close to God?
  • The Motivator: I like this song, but not too much. I don't really know why, but it's okay. It sounds like, to me, that Marc is more concerned about material possessions on this song.
  • Life's a Gas: This song is a big one for me. Life's a gas...I hope it's going to last. This sums it all up for Marc, he did not want to die, he had so much more to give to the music world. All that he would have done to our lives, if he had lived. He would have chained our hearts to a star...
  • Rip-Off: The heaviest song on this album. Rockin' in the nude, feeling such a dude...was he asserting his masculinity? Or just the general state of affairs in the world at the time? All I know is, that I love this song. He almost sounds like Bob Dylan, with the phrasing of some of the words. Which of course, would be a compliment to Marc.
There you have it, my review. I hope you all enjoy it, I know it's kinda long, but this is how I feel. My first impressions as I listened to Electric Warrior. Take care, hope to see you all later.

love to you all,

Carrie Ann...two penny princess.

=== Review by Dan-D ===

Well here is my review of Electric Warrior!

This album to me is the icon for music of the early seventies. This excellent production was the benchmark for rock n roll for this period of time in my opinion.

Everytime I see the cover of this lp I think back to the first time I saw it. It was 1971 and my family had been relocated to Birmingham, Alabama for two years from our home in Canada. My dad had to fly our family back to Canada at this time to renew his work visa for the states and we were staying with the family of an old friend of my dad's. My dad's friend had a son who was a few years older than me and he had an excellent record collection. I remember seeing the Electric Warrior lp and excitedly played it because previously I had heard the Ride A White Swan single on a compilation lp and had loved it. Of course I had also heard the Bang A Gong single that was on the radio but very little imformation about this "new" group was available in Alabama at the time.

Well suffice to say the lp blew me away from the start.
  • Mambo Sun with its layered rythyms, choppy guitar, haunting background vocals and sexy fun vocal stylings had me hooked. The lyrics were full of funny imagery: wild knees, Dr. Strange, wig's all pooped for you, but the poetry of it knocked this young rock 'n roller off his feet.
  • Cosmic Dancer up next was a sweet melancholic breeze with masterful string section that had me hypnotized after my initial shock of joy from Mambo Sun.
  • Then Jeepster, god, the adrenalin was pumping in my body now and I had that rush I get when I know I have stumbled across something exciting and new. "I'm just a vampire for your love. I'm gonna suck yah"! The grunting and howling at the end of this one let me know I had a rebel shield to hold up against the prim and proper adults of my structured world.
  • Monolith another breath catcher with a snakey note bending wah wah reverb guitar intertwined throughout.
  • Lean Woman Blues, very loose and sexy sounding. Flip side,...
  • Get It On, the classic T.Rex single. There was a good reason this song was so popular, it was simple, instantly recognizable with Bolan's style and poetry. "You got a hubcap Diamond star halo", in just a few words Marc conjures up a dozen images in my mind. The way the words sound being as important as the meaning. The words just fit together in a way only Marc could have dreamed of.
  • Planet Queen, every strum of the acoustic guitar in time with the loose rythym section. Background vocals by Howard and Mark with just the right touch of strangeness to make the sound unique.
  • Girl, just the way Marc emphazizes his "oww! yes you are.." will never be duplicated by anyone. The flugel horn is a very nice touch that adds to the originality of this simple song.
  • The Motivator, textbook Bolan guitar/sax combo with interesting lyrics about clothes, crowns, cats and hats. Only Bolan could combine all this in one song.
  • Life's A Gas, a personal favourite; another slightly melancholic song with a theme of optimism and joy for life. "Life's A Gas. I hope it's gonna last". Great melody.
  • And lastly, Rip Off, Marc showing the full spectrum of his emotional range here with a bit of released anger at all those that have ever "ripped" us off. The way it ends around adlibbed saxophones and fading feedback is like Marc has left the recording room and somehow the energy is still trying to play on after him. Kinda spooky in a way but for me it just adds to the mystique of a great album.

=== Review by Karen ===

Well here it is, a little late,I blinked and October was gone, my humble thoughts on this masterpiece.

Well I for one love this album, have done since first hearing, it was my second T.Rex album(Slider being my first) so over the years it's been played a lot and it still sounds as fresh to me as it did on first hearing all those years ago.
  • Mambo Sun - My favourite track of the album,it just screams out listen to me, a very sensual track,Marc brimming with confidence and belief in his ability, nothing wrong with that.I would love to have seen this track released as a single, No 1 stamped all over it.
  • Cosmic Dancer - A beautiful track,beautiful lyrics,I love this song,it has a certain orchestrated sound to it, you could imagine Marc dancing right out of the womb.
  • Jeepster - Not much can be said about this song, which hasn't already been said.I still get a shiver when I hear the opening intro, classic Bolan pure Rock n Roll, with some of the most amazing lyrics I have heard "You've got the universe reclining in your hair" love that line.
  • Monolith - This always reminds me of one of those 50's style do wop songs which I think Marc quite liked, an average song, not really my cup of tea.
  • Lean Woman Blues - Marc doing the blues here, his obvious liking of the blues shines through here, nice guitar work, like most of bluesy sort of songs they leave me feeling a little depressed (yeah I know that's the point<g>)
  • Get it on - Another classic Bolan, pure pop, nearly every track on this album could've have made it as a single.
  • Planet Queen - I like the lyrics a lot in this song, some great one liners, nice to hear Micky's bongos coming through.
  • Girl - A beautiful love song, which Marc does so well,what wouldn't a woman give to have lyrics like that wrote about her, nice acoustic guitar on this track fits so well with the song, as you can guess I love this song.
  • The motivator - This is my least favourite song off the album, don't really know why I just never took to it.Good lyrics though.
  • Life's a gas - Another nice slow song, I really love Marcs slower numbers,nice to hear more guitar coming through.
  • Rip Off - Marc a little ahead of his time here.I can always here the spirit of 77 shining through on this song, any one of the punk bands could have carried this song through.Love Marc sneering his way through this one, a perfect finale to a great album, Marc really coming through as the Electric Warrior.
Karen(Torchgirl of the marshes)

=== Review by Chris ===

Once upon a time I went looking for a T.Rex LP. I had the money you see. What I found was 'Electric Warrior' that promised new vistas and the most unbelievable "blow me into your dreams and taste me baby" cover in the history of creation and beyond, - but no 'Ride a White Swan' or 'Hot Love'. Behind it in the rack was 'Bolan Boogie' that had all I needed except 'Life's a Gas'. I didn't understand why two albums shared tracks like this. So I bought 'Ride a White Swan' because it was much cheaper. I was 14.

I never forgot that cover though. It blinded me one September morning as I heard the news.

Two years later a friend proudly showed me her (Dads) Electric Warrior LP, and how the line about 'dancing in the park' was appropriate to us.

"All six of his songs done perfectly at least once" I spat. Missed out again then. I was 20.

In 1987 I bought an LP called 'Greatest Hits' not recognising the track list. When I got it home I discovered a German pressing of EW resleeved and retitled but with EW still on the label (not as good as the original Fly pressing though, those guys really made quality vinyl). I now listen to the Fly LP and the Warner Reprise CD, which is still the best CD version.

That's the history, now for the runes on the tunes from a land of magic and wonderment.

  • Mambo Sun - a hypnotic trance is spider webbed around you. Of course you're free to move and you are equally free to stay there transfixed. This song feels like it's always going on around us and always will be, we just hear a different fragment each time.

    Sometimes I sing this to my son the Boy mountain to get him to sleep.
  • Cosmic Dancer - It took me some time to get to know this one. The song is classically introspective Bolan filled out with colour TV strings. The guitar runs that are played backwards and then played back off tape backwards make for a gorgeous effect.
  • Jeepster - Balls out Boley Boogie. Although it's layered with production the basic sound is live in the studio improvisation. I adored this track as a youngster and it sounds even better on 45.
  • Monolith - An awe inspiring beauty fills my soul every time this comes on. A Bolan poem set to a simple melody with the guitar wah-wahed in from the next dimension.
  • Lean Woman Blues - I find the "take ten" ten seconds before the music starts a bit glib, but hey. This is blues alright and it owes nothing to no one but Bolan "I'm a beggar on the beach of the land of you". Ends up collapsed in a shagged out heap. How was it for you?
  • Get it On - For a long time my favourite T.Rex track - ever. Until I realised it was pointless having favourites. The fast moving images throw shadows of the world I've inhabited ever since. A classic pop song of its era, and clearly built to be nothing less, a touch of feed back for the rock audience, BIG drums, a shade of the Stax-Volt sound and an irresistible catchy hook. A whole universe in what, five chords?
  • Planet Queen - "The patient is coming round doctor", "quick nurse mainline him hypnotic trance number two and then get your kit off". I'm never too sure about the pictures I see when this is playing, it's a burned out house maybe a strange visitor, bombsites abound. Faintly disturbing anyhow. That repeated drum figure is a tarandiddle if I'm not mistaken.
  • Girl -I know who this song is about. Incredibly it was written nearly eight years before the event and neither of us had met Marc Bolan. However, it describes our relationship and ourselves completely. And this was the girl who had the copy of EW about which I was so scathing. Possibly the most musically Jewish sounding of Bolan's melancholic songs. Purpose made for nostalging to about lost friends and lovers.
  • Motivator - Entirely derivative and yet one of the albums most compelling tracks. The cheeky love child of a steamy nights passion between Hot Love and Get it On.
  • Life's A Gas -The angst of frustrated teenage infatuation distilled. The arrangement could not be more right. One of his deathless tunes they'll play on sweet radio forever.
  • Rip Off - The more I hear this song the more I admire it. At first it's a rather unprepossessing clatter, but there is a lot going on here. In many ways it's an exercise in the clever-clever. The important thing is that it works and makes a fitting climax to a marvellous album. Is there a portent in (and should we have a debate about) the strings momentarily outlasting the guitar sustain / feedback? No, I don't think so.
  • Hot Love - I've never regarded this as in context with 'Electric Warrior'. Not quite a favourite, the la la la's go on a bit too long. But then again.
  • Woodland Rock - Sounds like a throwaway taken up as a production exercise by TV. Pleasantly ridiculous, even so I like it. The studio jamble on the 45 version is unnecessary.
  • King of the Mountain Cometh - An Aslan wonderland played on a Fender guitar. Stare into my dreams but don't let me dazzle you. A massive, almost Spectoresque, soundscape envelops you, even from a clapped out mono Dansette groove grinder. Still enchanting. Blends perfectly into Get it On. Another Boy Mountain knock out favourite.
  • There was a time - Charmingly naive
  • Raw Ramp - You know what I want and I know what you've got.
  • Electric Boogie - a virtual orgasm to the definitive glam rock beat. The whole 'piece' should have been the first track on EW running right into Mambo Sun. Putting it there gives the album a oneness it doesn't otherwise possess and sets the theme of mystic sex and love. In particular it creates a naive contrast for Rip Off.
  • Sailors of the Highway - Should have been on the B-side of Jeepster. Not terribly memorable (I'm going from the BBC version) but ok. Seems to be the basis of Rapids.
There are not the words to describe this album. Did I really describe it as "All six of his songs done perfectly at least once"? Yes, and I would stand by that today. It's never referred to as a concept album but I think it is. EW stands head and shoulders above the rest of Boley's output because... I don't know why but everything is just right on this one.

=== Review by Pierre ===

First of all : that killing cover sleeve : Marc's shadow in gold on black. Cheeky : the gold means that the inner is TOP.

And in fact it is.

It'd been hard for me to love this album at first. I started with Slider and Tanx and this one was less obvious. With the age increasing EW became slowly one of my favorites if not my favorite :
  • Mambo sun , unusual ryth, the perfect opener
  • Cosmic Dancer : weird lyrics, the anthem of Marc since his tragidc death
  • Jeepster : Lord I love this one, the opening track of every T.Rex gig I think.
  • Monolith : Love Marc's voice : lost like a lion, In the canyons of smoke..
  • Lean woman Blues : The perfect Bolanic blues
  • Get it On : a killer ! nearly 30 but ever so fresh.
  • Planet queen : an other great tune
  • Girl : Bolan's balad at his best
  • The Motivator : syncopated rythm
  • Life's a Gas : sure when someone is able to write such a beautiful song
  • Rip-Off : never liked this one. i'm getting in since I joined Till
The album has a perfect homogeneity. marc was at his peak, everything he wrote at that time was pure gold , even the 2 tracks b-sides. Thanks to EW we all gathered along with Marc and met on the net. Thanks Marc.

=== Review by Melinda and Sverre ===

Mel and Sverre's thoughts of "E.W."

Let's see; of or being charged with electricity a person experienced with conflict. Yes, this is where Marc is coming at us with this album. He is The Electric Warrior. The title says it all, and this album ROCKS (in a very sensual/sexual way).

Sverre, are you sure we can review this together??? <G>
<g> The Atlantic is between us! ;-)
Still, are you sure that is far enough????
No...... :-)
The cover pic, looks as though Marc truely is electrified. Do you have an opinion on this Sverre??
Yes Mel, - I have. Let me start with saying this: A dear Tiller said, - and I quote: "First of all the cover stinks", - and he added, -- "The poetry was gone". He knew while he wrote this, -- that if I took a sip of coffee while I read these lines, I would get coffee in my nose! He knows I love this cover! How could he do this?? <g> It is a very "low profile" cover. How is that possible when you see Marc in full profile?? <g> I think the cover picture is a perfect one! The picture tells it all. As you say Mel, - Marc truly is electrified.

This cover image has always fascinated me! It is soooooooo minimalistic and it tells (in a superb way) what you will find inside. Electric rock, -- and a glowing Marc Bolan! I love it! The whole presentation is beautiful! The black gatefold sleeve, the front picture, the large inner picture, the lyrics printed on the back! Here's to Hipgnosis!
Gee, I really wound you up didn't I?
You did! <S>
Hmm, - where to start.......? To me, "Electric Warrior" is the record where Marc - the bopping elf, and his friend climb up on the brick wall which separates the land of the unicorns from the "Urban Jungle". They sit on the wall, and they sense the pulse of the big city, -- streets, cars, neon lights, lovers in the night, - they hear the sound of blues, -- and rock and roll. And they turn their heads and they look back at the landscape where, - "if the moon is low at night, you see unicorns in silhouette on hill-tops and elves play by the river streams". On "E.W." - Marc visits both these worlds, - a year later he makes his ultimate "Urban Jungle" record, - and the land of the unicorns, the elves and the wizards, is out of sight........forever. And, - by turning into a 4 piece rock "ensemble", with additional musicians and singers, -- the innocence is gone forever. Some of the charming naivety in Marc's electric guitar playing on "Beard" and on the "Brown Album", - is gone. Marc has become the Electric Warrior!! That's how I see it, Mel. And hear it! Sorry for rambling! I better move on to the songs.............
I really like the analogy of sitting on the wall, very nicely said. Thank you.
:-) Thank you, Mel.

Mambo Sun: From the land of Beltane, where there could only be a BeBop Moon, a Mambo Sun and Aligator Rain. I love this song, the lyrics are wonderful. Marcs direction has changed, he is in full comand. So much sensuality in the lyrics.
This was my fave "E.W." song in younger days, - and it still is! Why? I wish I could answer! The beat is mesmerising, -- it goes on and on, -- so steady! The bass drum: One, two, ( - ), four, one, two ( - ), four! All the time, - chasing the song forward, like the rhythm of life itself. Upon the beat, - Marc's guitar with F and Dm chords.....and F and G chords at the end of the verses. (Less is more!) :-)

The sound of Marc's guitars (two, three guitars in the mix) - is warm and beautiful, airy and delicious. Marc's voice is deep and soft and seductive. Nice backing vocals!! This song has no chorus, so, - the only "breaks" are the guitar solos.

"Mambo Sun" is a "passion song" which heats up my "crystal clear" and frosty northern nights......... and myself! <g> This might explain why I listen to "E.W." more in the winter season than in the summer season. :-)

"My life's a shadowless horse if I can't get across to you"

Only Marc could write something like this. :-)
Thank goodness he did too.

Cosmic Dancer: This song starts with an acoustic guitar, Marc's voice, and a beautiful "Beatlesque" cello! Then, -- "aggressive drums" which change the song completely! Sometimes I only hear the drums and the strings. The drumming is fabulous! The rhythm patterns change all the time at the end of the song. A rare backward guitar solo and beautiful backing vocals are other pieces in this "soundscape".

I shiver down my spine when I hear that "Oooh-oooh-oooh" 'interlude' upon the strings.

Here's to Tony for the strings! :-) It's no secret, - I have a weakness for his string arrangements. The "less is more" attitude!

Wonderful lyrics! Mel, -- is this a song about reincarnation???
That could be very true. The vocals are so lovely and sincere. It is a song of mortality and immortality. I feel a different rhythm in this song. It almost seems that Marc was speaking of his own mortality. Listening to this song now that he no longer walks on this earth as a mortal, it is more meaningful, somehow.

Jeepster: Hey we just did this song, but it is worth doing again. I really, really like the way this song works on my imagination. I like the live version of it too. I was going to pick a fave verse but then I realized I would be copying the entire song, oh well. This song always does it for me. Always. The cresendo at the end, is pure sex.
"You'll be mine" - by Howlin' Wolf revisited.

I completely agree with you, Mel, - the cresendo at the end is pure sex!

So, Mel, - this song works on your imagination? Tell me more, - please! <g>
Now? See your private mail Dear Knight of the North.
Alright! :-))

"Jeepster" is a bluesy, stomping "lust song" with wonderful lyrics, fantastic guitar playing, very audible bongoes, (Here's to you Mickey!), --- great bass playing, nice strings, - and, - it's a rhythmic masterpiece!! Marc's voice is haunting and lustful! :-) It's hard for me to pick a fave verse, - I love them all, - but this line was easy to pick: "You've got the universe reclining in you hair" - classic Marc!
You already know what my fave line is, I don't want to repeat myself, just the song.

Monolith: I have always loved this song, - and I still do! It stands like a monolith in my life! :-))

Another C Am F G chord song, - so classic, - so classic, - and still so different. After four gentle hits on the cymbal, - the beautiful backing vocals begin, then, -- the gentle guitar! Marc's singing is wonderful on this song, -- I have no other word to use, Mel! The lyric is breathtaking, - the melody, (with all it's "loud echoes" of the 50's and the 60's) is fabulous. The guitar solo is "Beard" revisited - (the sound and the wah wah!)

This is a song with a sad sounding lyric. Nevertheless, - with Marc's voice, the classic chords and Tony's arrangements, - it is a "monolith", - still standing!

"It's no joke oh no........"

We are all chained to time, - to fate, - to love, - to our actions, --- and to our visions. We can't escape. And why should we?

That's how I understand the lyric....... What do you think, Mel?
This song has so much meaning, a timeless reminder of how we continue to treat the earth, and as it's caretakers we are doing very poorly. Marc did have some very down to earth thoughts and worries. I think he tried to explain some of his conscience concerns for the world and mankind with this song.

Lean Woman Blues: Oh yes, once again, those lyrics dripping with a delectable touch of sensuality. I love this part the best I think, "I'm like a child in the sand; on the beach, of the land of you". This song leaves me with the feeling like someone just kissed the back of my neck oooooo,mmmmmm.
You play this song often, then!!? ;-)
Probably more than I should <G>, for a grown woman.

As a kid, I didn't like this song much, - it sounded boring! It didn't move forward, it was like the song was stuck in syrup! <G> And, - it had too few chords!! Unbelievable what kind of thoughts you might find in a kid's head! Thank God, -- I grew up, and I got "wiser", - I love this song to bits now!
I'm so glad you grew up dear.
If I should have only ONE blues song in my collection, - it would've been this one!! "Lean Woman Blues" hits me hard, - I want to grab my guitar and play along, facing the moon and my unfullfilled dreams! <S>
Maybe there are some issues you need to deal with in the area of unfullfilled dreams?
I believe so, yes. :-) Marc's singing is fabulous, he stretches his voice, -- he sounds playful and desperate at the same time!! The voice, the beat, the words, several "tracks" of guitar, - what a musical "jewel"! Another blue hot song, perfect for a northern winter night. ;-)

Three fantastic verses, - containing a desperate man's confessions.
confessions or convictions?
Hmmmm, - both, I would say!

Get It On: A simple melody upon a steady rhythm. E and A chords on the verse and G and A chords on the chorus. So simple and so beautiful! I use to call this the "Hemingway 'Iceberg' technique" set in a musical frame! Less is more! :-) I might have said this before, Mel!? <G> Marc's singing is sexy, - haunting, - soooooo seductive. How can you listen to this song, - Mel, - without spilling your coffee!? <G>
I try not to be sitting or drinking coffee when this song is on. <G>.
This is one of Marc's best songs, ever! The song is a musical mystery! I believe the secret is, -- the voice.....and the beat!

Barely audible backing vocals sway and swirl in and out. Nice humming on the verses. Beautiful saxes create a staccato pattern, together with the piano and Marc's guitar riff. Du - du - dudu - du.....

A fantastic song! Pure sex!

Fave line: "You've got the blues in your shoes and your stockings". Mel, - you already knew this?? ;-)
I thought it was "You're an untamed youth..........." <G> This review is very fun to do with you :-)) as I have said before, when I hear those opening chords and my heart skips a beat. I always say ooohh, there's Marc.

Planet Queen: I like the Sci Fi references on this song, of course I'm sure that this is one of those songs that I played very loudly when I was young. Hey I still do. How can you use someones head as a revolver anyway??
You like the Sci Fi references?? I bet you do, you Heinlein fan!!! :-)

Sadly, or luckily <G>, I can't answer your question about the "head as a revolver"! Drums, acoustic guitar, bongoes, great backing vocals, - Marc's singing is so beautiful! And playful at the end of the song.

I don't understand the lyric, though. I need your help, Mel.......

The protagonist meets an alien beauty, - certain things <g> are done the same way in the two worlds.
My what an active imagination you have..........

Well it's all right
love is what you want
Flying saucer take me away

The protagonist is ready to leave, - to travel with her, - the Planet Queen.

give me your daughter

In younger days I read this line wrong! I read it as "give birth to a child, a girl, and let it be our child.

How should it be read? Is this a request to the Planet Queen? I understand nothing. Mel, you Sci Fi expert, - help!!! :-)
Ha, I did not ever mean to mislead you Dear Knight, I am far from an expert on anything (well most anything). Maybe the meaning changes as we do, or as we need it to?? maybe there is no deep hidden meaning, maybe it just sounds really good.

Girl: I have always loved this little acoustic "hymn"! Marc's voice is wonderful, although he sounds a bit sad. Add a warm sounding flugel horn, an acoustic- and an electric guitar, - and the "picture" is complete!

God, a girl, a boy and a protagonist, - what is this? "Echoes" of Eden? :-)

Verse one: A "request" to God........and a hymn!! Verse two: A girl, limp in society's ditch, visually fine but mentally dying. Verse three: A boy, sunk, barely floating, mentally weak, - a dreamer??? What do we have here?? A girl and a boy, whose lives are hard roads, God who seems to be absent, -- and a protagonists who prays for God's presence.

What do you think, Mel? This is almost a psalm, isn't it!?? :-)
Excuse me, you want me to think?? This song has different meanings, when I hear it. I'm not sure how to explain it. I guess I can't, maybe sometime.

The Motivator: This song does motivate me, it is very nice to hear when you are a little down. Shine on.... Marc.
In younger days I thought this was a boring song, - a bleak shade of "Get It On" - same kinda song, (sort of), - but not up there!

Today, I really like it! It's not a masterpiece, but it's a great song! A very rhythmic, funny and optimistic "twinkle in the eye" - song! Great guitar playing, Marc is charming and playful, and his voice is great!!

"The Motivator" is a hymn to a womans exterior, - only in second verse, we see a glimse of her soul, - "your eye it doth shine like an Egyptian ruby". Maybe I interpret this wrong, Mel??? Marc doesn't say "eyes", - he says "eye", - so maybe he talks about...........a jewel in a necklace. And what am I talking about?? <g>
Maybe it is a jewel in her naval <G>.

Echoes of the 50's and the 60's again, and why not? -- great music in those days! :-)

Life's a Gas: Another all time favourite!! :-) A "melancholic" song with an optimistic statement! A contradiction? Maybe. :-) I can easily imagine Marc's smile when he sings: "Ah - life's a gas". Marc's voice is great! Beautiful guitar playing, - beautiful lyrics! I love this song to bits!!

"I hope it's gonna last" :-)
This song has given me many mixed feelings through the years, sad to hear Marc sing "Life's a gas I hope it's gonna last" now. It is a truly wonderful song. Unrequinted love as were, "I could have placed your love in the stars" life does go on though....

Rip Off: It was a while before I really warmed up to this song. It is punk before punk. Like so many others I did not feel that this song belonged on this album, I wonder who decided it did. The lyrics again are wonderous.
I have never really warmed up to "Rip Off"! As you say, Mel, it is punk before punk, and punk ain't my thing! In younger days I often skipped this song, - I went from "Life's a Gas" to "Mambo Sun" again! :-) Ahem, - I still do, sometimes! ;-) Often!! You see, Mel, while hearing the first ten songs, I get in a certain mood, <G> or moods to be precisely! Happy, thoughtful, melancholic, <censored word>, happy again. Marc creates images in my head, - and "Rip Off" ruins it all!!

The song is disturbing, - Marc is too angry, - as you say Mel, it does not belong on this album. Can you imagine "There was a time - Raw Ramp - E.B." replacing it???? That would've been something!! :-)) I try to say, Mel, I (sort of) like "Rip Off", - but not in this setting! The middle part is the highlight of the song, - I think. "I'm the King of the highway............."

The end of "Rip Off" is odd. From 2:40, - the song begins to sound like a King Crimson piece! Yes, it does, - yes, it does! ;-) "Here he starts up again!", you might think <g> - nevertheless, -- McDonalds' alt sax and the synths go on for one minute. Ian McDonald is a "progressive" musician, he played in King Crimson and he got the final "word" on "E.W." Unbelievable!! :-)

They switched off the lights, they left the studio, and Ian sneaked back! <g>
That's pretty funny....
And true! ;-)

Is it possible to have too much sexuality in lyrics and a voice, I don't think so. This album is so charged, so forceful and passionate. This album substantiated Marcs place in the commercial music industry. A classic rock album.
Amen to that, Mel, - and I have nothing to add! A line, maybe! :-)

"E.W." begins with a glowing, rhythmic masterpiece and ends with a pre-punk punk song, - a very aggresive song, - with a "prog rock style" ending!

Between my fave song "Mambo Sun"..... and "Rip Off", - are nine other shining "jewels" given us by the Electric Warrior while he's on his way into the "Urban Jungle setting" which vaguely begins with "E.W." --- continues through "Slider" and "Tanx", --- and ends with the apocalyptic "Zinc Alloy".


Mel, - thank you for another Bolan chat! It has been fun, it has been a struggle <g>, and it has been a very hot experience! <S>
Sverre, you're pretty cute. You always make me smile and I look forward to doing another review with you.

Thank you, Mel.

Anytime! :-)

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