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"Every dawn of our lives a heart is forged and linked with lore to one so similar."
    A Day Laye - Marc Bolan.

T.Rex - Beard Of Stars.

List of Reviewers

=== Review by MarkMcL ===

Of course it is you say, but remember that in the late 60's stereo was still a novelty. I bought stereo LPs even though neither I nor anyone I knew had one. "This can be played on mono equipment fitted with a suitable stylus. If in doubt consult your dealer" was printed on the back of most stereo albums.
With my freshly bought copy of BOS I went round to my friend John Sayer's; he had a new stereo (well his dad did really) AND stereo headphones. I had never tried headphones before and as I listened to Prelude the cymbals went "from ear to ear" right across the middle of my head - WOW!!

Compared to the first three albums Marc has moved from narrative and descriptive songs to songs written from a personal viewpoint. This means mainly love songs which were not really present before. Also the tone is much sadder, a catch in the throat. What was happening in his personal life at the time that could have brought about this change?

Most of the album is Tyrannosaurus Rex "Plugged" and then this track bursts upon you. Who? What?? Where??? What is going on here, this is so-o-o different! A harbinger of things to come. Each album has an oddball track that sticks out from the others, this is BOS's. For those unready to move on this is the writing on the wall. Exciting or self indulgent? Don't care really - I liked it.

=== Review by Rick ===

Anyway (June 1st) ----- "Beard of stars"

1- "A day Laye"
This song could have fit on almost any prior T-Rex or Tyrann. LP. I could even seeing it fit onto many of the later LP's (well maybe not Zip Gun Boogie, or Futuristic Dragon) ....
It always reminded me of the opening of "Children of Rarn" from the T-REX lp. As with the UK release of that Lp it would have fit in nicely as a reprise at the end of "B.O.S"
On my site (small P.R. work <g>) I've used two of my favorite lyrics to introduce certain section & both of them came from this track.
To greet those at my collections I have ::

"Every dawn of our lives a heart is forged and
Linked with lore to one so similar"

To thank those on my homepage I included :

"Even though the wind might blow it all away
Don't ever worry 'cos I'm your friend"

I still get a warm feeling everytime I hear this song. It represents a human quality .. man connecting to fellow man/woman I think Marc saw this as Lp as he did the T-Rex Lp ..A Book . and "A Day Laye" is the prolouge .. In the past 25 years I think i've used the latter lyric in countless letters to friends (there was a time when we only had snail mail) if they were feeling down about something.
Well that is how the song touches me .. As I probably will review all the tracks , on a personal level. Each song that Marc gave us ,in turn gave me, a better insight to myself. Even if it was only "You can bump & grind if it's good for you mind" That Bump & grind was still imbedded in my mind!

=== Review by blackink ===

Ahem...Greetings all. Here is my submission to the Record of the Month Club.

Obligatory intro story: I inherited an acoustic guitar from a friend who died in 1984. - I'd never played, but somehow, it seemed like the 'perfect gift'. Anyway, that summer, I was going through a pretty heavy Ty-Rex phase and one day while I was sitting strumming this guitar, I realized that I'd accidentally strummed out the chords of the rhythm guitar part in 'A Daye Laye'. (!!)

I love -everything- about this LP. From the very first note of Prelude which always makes my heart soar - to the 'Grand Cacophony' of Elemental Child, where I have often find myself pogo-ing around the room, bopping madly to that guitar thing at the end. (The cats, at this point, are both hiding under the bed.)

Here's my quick synopsis of the whole record - which I just recently found on CD! No lyric sheet with the CD though <for shame!>
  • A Daye Laye. <for me> is forever dedicated to absent friends.
  • Woodland Bop. A totally accessible pop tune.
  • Fist Heart Mighty D-D-D-Dawn Dart. A personal favourite. I love the melody.
  • Pavillions of Sun. Awesome melody. 'Know the earth and you'll understand'
  • Organ Blues. 'Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah you know that I love you...' - Sheer Brilliance. Listen to the bongo drum, it's alive!
  • By The Light....Another totally accessible pop tune and I just love the lead guitar...the way it weaves itself around and through the melody...it sounds backwards!!! Awesome.
  • Doesn't Wind Cheetah sound like something totally foreign and exotic?
  • Great Horse. I have no words for this beautiful song. I think it might be my favourite off this album. It's sad -and- happy -and- gorgeous.
  • Dragons Ear is my least favourite!
  • Lofty Skies is the second song I learnt the chords to. :) Another personal favourite
  • Dove. Another one of those totally accessible little beauties.
  • Elemental Child. I think I covered this one in the intro!
So that's me. (This was a great idea Rick) I had fun listening to this record with 'fresh ears' again.


=== Review by David Best ===

Hi Tillers,

Got done the painting and now have time for the review.

Like some others, I got to this album backwards. My first T.Rex album was EW and then I got the T.Rex album (here in Canada with Ride A White Swan instead of The Children of Rarn reprise...always thought Swan belonged there..a goodbye to Ty.Rex and on with the Electric Warrior) At the time I looked for anything by Marc. I don't quite remember, but I think that BOS was my first Ty.Rex album. I love the cover photos of Marc and Micky. I've just realised I have two vinyl copies of this (where did this second copy come from?.. age it does things to the mind), both on Blue Thumb Records, but each with a different foldout, also a cd copy.

The first thing that strikes me about this album is how short it is, only 35 minutes, but a very entertaining 35 minutes;-)
  • Prelude - appropriately titled - a prelude of things to come, simple and relaxing, listen to it on the headphones and the bells go back and forth - Micky's debut?
  • A Day Laye - great lyrics, "don't ever worry cos I'm your friend"
  • Woodland Bop - once you start it you'll find it hard to stop, do da da daa;-)
  • Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart - great title, I used to have Bard's Tale characters named Fistheart and Dawndart. I loved that game...funny how the day comes slo ow.
  • Pavilions of Sun - Swans will fly.....love the bongos, good job Micky!
  • Organ Blues - what a mood..oh yeah..simple yet entertaining..again good on the headphones. did he say feasties of the Bestys;-)..oh right beasties (phew!)
  • By the Light of the Magical Moon - nice guitar intro and bongos again, there's that 'lectric guitar..again moving around on the headphones.
  • Wind Cheetah - you can see Marc, standing on a hill, wind in his hair, playing the electric guitar, Micky at his feet, as they overlook the village below.....spinning their tale..
  • A Beard of Stars - backing vocals remind me of what was to come, nice work
  • Great Horse - love the words
  • Dragon's Ear - my favorite, love the simplicity of the start...I used to have a character named Dworn in BT as well...he kick ***. this would make a good rocker.. but let's not mess with a good thing.
  • Lofty Skies - we kissed and cried..good advice;-)
  • Dove - haven't we all felt this way?
  • Elemental Child - like the way Marc sings the title..the rest..well Hendrix he wasn't..also good to listen to on the headphones..nice backing vocal in the left ear..would have liked Marc to try this later when his guitar skills were better developed..did he ever perform it live as T.Rex?
Throughout this album we are treated to some GREAT poetry put to music..not all of it makes sense in reality, but in the fantasy realms of our minds it conjurs up visions of..........

Marc Hendrix is still playing in my ears, man they could have used a better bass line...<g>

My second review, is that a newbie record;-), again, go easy on me, I'm new at this.


=== Review by David Do ===

Thoughts on Beard Of Stars.

Inspirational,uplifting,perfumed melodies interwoven with Marc's usual unusual words that mean nothing..........that is unless you're linked to lore with one so similar.....and I believe we all are, and that is why we are all here on Till Dawn..."born with blessed life dust.......and .......in some way our fate is one.

Beard of Stars contains IMO the most remarkable song ever written, it moves me.....Lofty Skies. We are all here beneath the eyes of the lofty skies, there is no escaping that and in our daily lives we are held 'neath the bars of the tumbling stars. A staggeringly simple melody and a harmony that is a work of genius. "Oh this time my (of) love moves me" !

Marc is just starting to define his electric style...that les paul, I know I'm small crunch.Kapow! makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Beard is Marcs musical puberty,it has a newly developed passion and raw energy.

I've often wondered if this album would have been improved had it been recorded a year later with a full "band". Songs like Elemental Child seem to cry out for a bassist and a drummer, but it maybe it would have lost all of it's charm and innocence.

There is a beautiful naivety about these song..."maybe I can hold your gold hand"...how could anyone refuse?

The simple words and melody of Dove..a lost love ? then there are songs like Great Horse, so many have, over the years tried to write like this, many with the help of "great horse"..and failed...Sire, I can master with the help of this skull powdered cord...wonderful

Wind Cheetah is the soundtrack to a very strange trip...herds of African cows grazed on her beauty !! too much, this means so much to me. There is gold in the mountains........just go get it.

David Do.....can I go out now please ???

=== Review by Michel ===

Dear Rick,

Now you're talking. At times I am wondering if I prefer UNICORN or BEARD OF STARS. Sometimes I just can't figure it out. That's why I was so glad to find both CDs re-released in the same jewel box (on the Castle label - same with My People and Prophets). BEARD OF STARS was the second album I bought from Tyrannosaurus Rex and it was the confirmation that Marc was real - UNICORN wasn't just a one shot dream. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent listening to this album, dreaming of this magical land... I wasn't yet cured of my teenage crisis about the so-called real world of adults and their values in life... One winter day 1969-70...
  • PRELUDE I rmember the first time I put the album on the turn table, I thought: "Wow, Marc has bought an electric guitar" and I was sceptical as I was hoping the magic would remain - but then again this was just an intro and almost immediately...
  • A DAY LAYE came. Thank God, Marc remained as pure as ever, even with an electric guitar. The inspiration and the clear sight weren't affected by material instruments - even better, these instruments were purified by the sacred hymns of Marc Bolan. I agree with Rick as for the uniqueness of these lyrics and all philosophies are resumed in very few sentences in the essence of existence: "Every dawn of our lives a heart is forged, and linked with lore to one so similar..." Who hasn't been looking for his soul mate, for the loved one... call it karma, fate... it is the eternal quest.
  • THE WOODLAND BOP Marc always write his songs like mantras... Here he is setting the pace for the Beltane fires - the moon has risen, it will be a long night of festivities to the gods, dance in a trance...
  • FIST HEART MIGHTY DWAN DART Tony Visconti was a master at helping Marc to achieve a unique kingdom of sound to describe this poetic universe. Although heavy and painting a full wall of sound... you can still feel the night going away to let the welcoming dawn slowly cover the land after a long ceremonial dance.
  • PAVILIONS OF SUN The songs on Bear Of Stars are chapters taken from the books of Agadinmar and they are like paintings as well. You can see as well as hear everything - although, when I bought my first copy on Blue Thumb, the lyrics weren't print. Even if I didn't understand most of the lyrics, the songs were quite clear in their meaning and I knew what they were all about. "Come into my garden Lady Love..." Has anyone heard a more sweeter invitation? Who could resist such a spell? And the incredible buid up ending the song abruptly and pushing you over the cliff... You really had to learn to fly instantly, or else... You couldn't hesitate!
  • ORGAN BLUES Marc was telling us of days gone by, flying over the past. Even then... but time is the sole master of this material universe.
  • BY THE LIGHT OF A MAGICAL MOON Not to forget that in all universes there is a time for love and dance with the chosen one... The heart light as a feather, a time to love, a time to dance and rejoice.
  • WIND CHEETAH Probably the most touching song on the album. It took me years to finally break through this thick wall of sound and discover the lightness and etheral quality of this poetry. Although deep in meaning and tales, it is a song of love, "run to the one that I love, Chained to the Chalky Chalice of Night..." Priestess and bards, no mortal lovers will really understand the heights of this sacred union...
  • GREAT HORSES Perfect story telling and imagination in the court of the King of the Rumbling Spires. A cast of warriors and foe, and warlocks... "Sir I can master with the aid of this skull powder cord..."
  • DRAGON'S EAR Even in other worlds and kingdoms, one has to face his own destiny and protect his loved ones. Still it isn't the spiritual sky yet for one has to face the Dworns. And this song also gives us one of Marc's most beautiful philosophical line: "Our lives are merely trees of possibilities...", so rich, so deep and yet so innocent like all great words of wisdom.
  • LOFTY SKIES War and Peace. War and love, battles and peaceful living. Let us pray that the evil Dworns won't come back. But even more painful than wounds of war are the wounds of love and happiness. It is true that man isn't strong enough to bear real happiness. Only you and I my love know for sure...
  • DOVE And it is true as well when I'm not with you. And my love even grows and reaches a higher level when you're not by my side for you take the shape of the whole world around me. But my fear also grows with it...
  • ELEMENTAL CHILD That's why I will eternally be in love with her for she knows how to tell me true, unconditionally. And her kiss is a whip of the moon... how can a simple mortal man, a simple soul, can resist to the call of the priestess' daughter?
On www.amazon.com I have commented this recording as follow:
<<Along with the Unicorn album, BEARD OF STARS is, in my humble opinion, certainly among the best albums ever produced in the world of mystical music. If you really want to be in for a visit in the realm of the fairy kingdom, in the land known as Beltane long before it was changed into 'Earth'. If you're open enough to discover the strange and haunting sounds of Marc Bolan's guitar playing, the depth of his poetry and the most charming melodies of his songwriting skills, you will be taken to a different level of hearing perception. OK enough! I know, it may seems strange to read something like that about a simple recording, but just ask any Marc Bolan fan! You will hear the same praise, may they live in England, in Sueden, in Spain, in Japan, in Canada, in the USA... Just surf around on the net and visit any Marc Bolan, Tyrannosaurus Rex and T.Rex' sites, you'll see ! >>



=== Review by Dan-D ===

Hey Michel, your bio page looks great and thank you for the great BEARD OF STARS review. Back when I did my first review of Unicorn I mentioned that I was partial to this lp most of all the Tyrannosaurus Rex recordings.

This was the lp that I turned to during my hippy hermit years when I lived in a small cottage hidden on the wooded peaceful corner of a horse pasture back in the seventies. I discovered this recording at a time when I was avoiding the rat race and the peace that I found from A Beard Of Stars recharged me and brought me back. Right from the start with its transcendental guitar solo this lp is special. A Day Laye sets the tone with such a unique sound. Bringing a myriad of influences together Marc sounds like a folk singer from another dimension. I hear nature, I hear 20s style bop, I hear electric boogie, what a joyful mix of ideas.

The Woodland Bop is such an elfish prancer, Fist Heart is a sound bending electric solo halucinogenic chant. Pavilions of Sun is a wah wah warble with a bellydancer beat. Organ Blues is a church cathedral with an african ambient hypnotism. Then my favourite, By The Light of A Magical Moon, a glowing midnight meadow dance with a proud romantic sentiment. Such an uplifting song, how could I not be recharged by listening? Wind Cheetah follows with its mysterious exotic feel. Side two starts of with the title track, another playful melody. Great Horse has an almost classical baroque feel and Dragon's Ear is a mini epic with some Eddie Cochran stumming thrown in for good measure. Lofty Skies shines forth next as one of Marc's greatest melodies. Fantastic soft wah wah guitar floats in and out. Brilliant. Dove is a simple relaxing song that lets us catch our breath before the energetic finale of Elemental Child. Rockin guitar with some great lyrics, "Hold the glove of gold behind you. Love the glove of Truth". Thank you Marc.


=== Review by MarcO ===

If you put put yourself in 1969 - 70. Having heard unicorn and eagerly awaiting the release of Beard, I dare say you would have been a tad dissapointed. Not because Beard was bad, but that Unicorn was so good. IMO. Marc peaked three times in his musical career, first with Unicorn, next with Warrior and finally with Dandy.

If Marc had stuck with the Tyran. Rex format throughout his career and he were alive today, he would probably be one of the most respected musicians in the music buisness, allbeit unknown outside it. He would have been quite well off but not a millionaire.

Finally, half of the bands around today wouldnt exist.

As for A beard of Stars? its a very fine album, not a statement I use loosely these days.


=== Review by Stewart ===

I first got this album in the early 70's,i remember finding it in the shop along with the Unicorn album, i bought A Beard of Stars and my friend Ron bought the Unicorn.After going home and playing them back to back Ron and I thought i had the better album<G>.As it turn out i got his copy of Unicorn with a trade of some record i can't remember.

Going from the Slider album to A Beard of Stars was a bit of a shock,but the track Elemental Child was really Hot for me,i would play it over and over,not the first part ,but the fast Wild guitar part at the end.

Later i started to really get into the sound of the whole album,but i always loved Marc's electric guitar playing on all those track's.

Later i started to get into listening to the album with headphones on and really started to love this album as i did with the Unicorn album.

The album has such a good feel to it, it always puts me in a good frame of mind.

Wind Cheetah was the only song that it took me longer to get into,mabey because its so moody,almost a dark sound to it.

Marc's soulful sound on the title track Beard of Stars still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Lofty Skies has the best sounding wa wa guitar work i have ever heard,its like a shot right to the brain with that solo,so smooth,so much feeling in it,but yet so soft.

Jumping back to By the Light of the Magical Moon,again Marc's soulful guitar work is so nice,i am at a loss for words.

I could never judge this album against another album by Marc because its a feeling or a mood of its own and when your in that mood nothing can compare to it.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,Romany Stew

=== Review by Desdemona ===

Hi Tillers and Dawnettes!

Okay, I'm going to attempt at putting my feelings into words about this album...here goes.

The Album Cover: Marc's beauty has always reminded me of a wild stallion and this album cover really shows him as that imo. And seeing as how I relate 3 animals together....cats, Afghans, and wild stallions...I consider Marc's far away gaze on the cover to be as an Afghan; independent, dignified, proud, and poetic. Do you think I'm crazy in thinking this? lol
  • Prelude: This song always takes me back to when I had my electric guitar at age 15 or so and I would try to follow Marc's notes. Needless to say my version sounded really crappy but Marc's still flows.
  • A Day Laye: One thing I notice in this song is how Marc drops the ending of some of his words....blow (bulow), friend (frienda), linked (linkda), soul (soula), children (childrena). I love the way he pronounces Away (awai). It all sounds so English to me <g>
  • The Woodland Bop: When he starts singing "in the hallowed morning" it sounds dramatic, like some action is taking place that we're spying on.
  • Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart: One of the most magical things about Marc is, of course, his voice...but the way he manipulates it has not been matched. Anyone singing these words could not make the story the same as when Marc sings it...how he stresses certain words...giving more importance to some words because of his voice. When he sings "funny how the day comes sloooow" Beautiful!
  • Pavilions of Sun: As in all of Marc's songs...the words here are so becoming. Maybe I can hold your gold hand...know the earth and you'll understand. Exquisite.
  • Organ Blues: I have to admit that this is not a favorite. It just seems to be missing an instrument or two. The highlight is the "eah eah eah eah eah eah". One thing that I've never really paid much attention to and is rather quaint I think is that the song is the same at the beginning and at the end.
  • By The Light of The Magical Moon: Now, here we go!! This is such a romantic song and such a visual one, too. I always picture Marc, and elves, and beautiful girls in flowing gowns dancing under a full moon..and everyone's happy :-)
  • Wind Cheetah: This is one of those Marc poems that you just have to keep re-reading. It is so full of detail. The melody doesn't do alot for me...but the words make it a big plus! Oh and I can't forget how he pronounces his t's...nighT! I have to go take a shower now guys ;-)
  • A Beard of Stars: Ah, this is so light and lovely and another one of Marc's songs that I tried to play. I said tried <g>
  • Great Horse: I love this song. Didn't I tell you he reminded of a stallion? I rest my case!
  • Dragon's Ear: Now, if this isn't Tolkien-esque then I'm talking out of my butt <g> My favorite part of this song is in the middle when everything comes together. Black cat sitting on my shoulder and I'm glad. Whoooeeee. Marc is sooo hot!
  • Lofty Skies: Simple and beautiful. I can feel Marc's deep tale of love in this one...and it moves me, too.
  • Dove: Another song of love and yet it's called Dove. A dove, white and pure, a symbol of peace...like love maybe?
  • Elemental Child: "She once taught me to think white, and the night disappeared like a bird". This song is so full of things magickal. White magick.
At the time I found this album...when I was a teen I was heavily into the occult and when Marc sang of such blatant magickal terms as on Elemental Child...well, I knew I was on the right track :-) That is what Marc was and is to me...a white magician.

=== Review by Melinda ===

Actually this is the first time I have been late on a Beard of Stars review,since this is my first Beard of Stars review.

wow what month July has been. On with the review. I have never said much on the covers before, but this one..... Oh my what a lovely picture of Marc, so eartheal. As I will try and always remember him, lovely wasn't he.
  • I've been wondering why no one mentions the Prelude. I love this part it set the stage for the album. It is so like that magical Marc I love so much. To tease like this and then onto......
  • Day Laye: Yes, these words are the Till Dawn List. A beautiful, hopeful song. I t does not surprise me that this was chosen for the Baltane cd (thank you Michel).
  • Woodland Bop: 'Once you start you'll find it had to stop..' I hear this song so often in my mind ( not including sex). 'See her llike a sun bird streaking across the skies' early mornings driving south, on my way to work.
  • Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart: I still believe that this is a war related song (coming from a war mongering country).. 'could you please heart cleanse our shores.......
  • Pavilions of Sun: Prince of Sun from his pavilion. might this be our Marc?? sitting high in his pavilion, as he makes us shine? 'Know the earth and you'll understand' more truth in this phrase than Marc may have known, or maybe he did. To ground yourself with the soil and to be with nature. This is how I should unwind.
  • Organ Blues: I love that steady beat that starts and continues through out the song. This is almost a chant/mantra (I'm in Michels territory here). Makes me think of Eastern Spell, 'The spell you're under is mine'. and then 'I Love you and don't you know you that you love me. Yes you do you, you always do, yooho.' how sweet.
  • By the Light of the Magical Moon: Now that we are under the spell it is time to dance. 'Gonna deedeedee dance with my baby..... by the light of the magical moon.' This song brings my so much pleasure, to hear it brightens my day, my mood, always. Always hope.
  • Wind Cheetah: So strong musically, I have trouble understanding this song, the words appear so soft. Maybe it is my state of mind at this time.
  • Beard of Stars: Again no one mentions this?? What does Marc say, the only spoken line..... could it be be ' I still believe' or 'I do believe'? Sweet short piece so full of emotion.
  • Great Horse: This song seems so sad, that's all on this for now. I'm sure this will come around again.
  • Dragons Ear: So full of magic and love, protection of the innocent, healing and loving.
  • Lofty Skies: mmmmmmm, so much said in so few words, love so deep and sweet that it hurts....... If everyone could have this feeling once and cherish it.
  • Dove: Blessed is the perosn who brings this song to anothers thoughts.
  • Elemental Child: I love the lyrics of this song, I always thought the guitar work was a little much. But I know that Marc had great fun making it. And then I think of our Karen, yes, I can enjoy the rest of this song.
That's all. I hope you guys enjoy it now onto the 'Zinc'

Melinda Mae (be in a state of grace)

It's seems this went fast, did I miss a song??

=== Review by Karen ===

A beard of Stars, well it's well placed in my top three Marc albums,although I never know whereabouts, depending on my mood usually.

This has always come across as a very confident Tyrann album, as though Marc finally knew what direction he wanted to take. It's definetly the most commercial sounding of all the Tyrann albums, Nice cover as well, I have always prefferes those black and white album covers.
  • Prelude a nice little opening to the Lp, short enough to just get you interested.
  • A Day Laye - Much to short, it's a beautiful little song, which I always associate with TillDawn now, I think it conjures up the meaning of true friendship perfectly.
  • The Woodland Bop- A nice little bopping Elf number, a rocking sort of number.
  • Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart - I love this song, a sort of eerie quality to it, The new electric sounding Trann Rex is evident here.
  • Pavilions of the Sun - Marc has been very sparse on his Lyrics on this album, most of the tracks are a little to short for my liking, heres another one, I'm just getting into and then it's finished, like the song and the bongo beat, but way to short on the verses.
  • Organ Blues - My least favourite track on the album, well titled, all I can hear is the organ and I don't really like organ music much.
  • By The Light of A Magical Moon - I love this song it always makes me want to dance, it has a real laid back feel to it, yeah get those shoes off and dance. Marc also sounds soooo good singing this song, love him in the video of this.
  • Wind Cheetah - More organ music!!
  • A Beard Of Stars - Title track of the album, a rather to short instrumental, well played.
  • Great Horse - Marc at his best in a storytelling mode, I think it's a beautiful song almost mythical, love it.
  • Dragons Ear - I love this song also, a definate tale of Dragons and witches to music, the song builds up nicely.Micky on form on the bongos and there is a definate improvement on this album on Marcs guitar, I think confidence was definetly growing here.
  • Lofty Skies - Sorry to bore you all again, but I like this song also, there's not much on this album I don't like. A really beautiful album, my one criticism (I'm allowed one arn't I ) is that the album is way to short.
  • Dove - Definetly wrote by a man in Love, I think, the ultimate love song to anyone, June perhaps?
  • Elemental Child - Of course my fave all time T.Rex song, Marc definetly growing in confidence attempting a guitar solo, ok I know he was no Jimi Hendrix, but who knows what he could've turned out if he had gone more along this road. I love this because it has a more heavier feel to it, this song doesn't sound out of place even today. Nice lyrics to. This song hit me the first time I heard it, it was so different from previous T.Rex stuff I've heard before. A brilliant song to bring the album to a close and the last Tyrann album, anyone who bought the albums in the order they were released would've been able to follow the progression of T.Rex as a band, alas I bought most of these albums in a different order,mainly after Marc had died, but I feel I've caught up with the feel of them.
Karen(Torchgirl of the marshes)

=== Review by Pierre ===

A Beard Of Stars
  • Prelude : This tune gives the tone. yes that Stato sounds like a Les Paul.
  • A Daye laye : Every dawn of our lives. I love the guitar : a high and soft one in background, another low to give a bass line. Superb !
  • Woodland Bop : A nice and subtle one, gently rocking.
  • Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart : I love the Bass. A wonderful track, fully working
  • Pavilions of the Sun : One of my favorites for long.... Co-co-come into my garden Lady Love.......Nice bongos in the back, and nice guitar riff in the middle.
  • Organ Blues : quite weak IMHO. Still a nice and soft number.
  • By The Light Of the Magical Moon : A beautiful one. I love also the '76 reggae version. I love the guitar line coming in from times to times. Screams in the background......
  • Wind Cheetah : The organ sounds like the one I had when I was a child. Anyway it gives an nice atmosphere.
  • A Beard of Stars : Marc you're really good here ! A nice instrumental.
  • Great Horse : this one could be out of Unicorn. The same mood. A very nice one
  • Dragon's Ear : Black Cat sitting on my shoulder, seems like 3 different songs put into one.
  • Lofty Skies : one of the most beautiful of Marc's ever songs. Oh this Time of Love moves me. Big use of the wah-wah and nice guitar solo.
  • Dove : Tony holds the bass. See how the sun shines.... One more gentle song.
  • Elemental Child : I'm sorry. i fear that single song refrains me to listen to 'Beard of Stars' more often. I like the start and the riff, but for me the guitar piece is far too long for the interest it brings...
A Nice Lp but I prefer by far 'Unicorn' or the Brown album. To me this one miss something.


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