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"I ain't no square with my corkscrew hair."
    Telegram Sam - Marc Bolan.

Marc Bolan and T.Rex Album Guide

A guide to the albums

There have been so many re-issues, re-releases and compilations it is too easy to buy duplicates. So I started this list to help guide myself and others though the minefield. I have excluded bootlegs. Start with the alphabetical list and it will tell you where each album fits into the grand scheme of things. This has links into the relevant entries in the following pages. Alternatively, if you know where the albums fit go straight to the detailed info:

If you would like to contribute to replace a one-line entry with something more informative please write to me at mark.mclellan@mmenterprises.co.uk

UK Album and Singles Charts.

With date of entry, highest position and number of weeks in chart:

Discography by Ivan.

For details of catalogue numbers and full track listings (with links to lyrics) consult the indispensable Ivan Kocmarek's:

Marc CDs at:

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