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Consulting services

  • Mark and May have now retired but if you have a short term piece of interesting work at a generous day rate we can always talk. Otherwise we are always available to meet up with old colleagues for a beer.

  • M&M Enterprises provides advice and support in everything from systems development methodologies to change leadership.

  • M&M Enterprises consists of Mark McLellan and Mary Galashan who between them have a wealth of practical experience to support your business in these areas.

Our consultants

Mark McLellan

Mark McLellan portrait (13K)
  • Mark is an independant consultant specialising in process design and organisational change. He is an experienced IT professional with more than 20 years experience. In his role as a business consultant he has worked with a wide variety of clients in a range of market sectors.

  • His skills lie in helping the business tackle those areas which are essential to the design and successful implementation of IT systems, i.e. process design, organisational roles and responsibilities, change management, education and training. More...
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Mary Galashan

Mary Galashan portrait (30K)
  • Mary has over fifteen years experience of initiating, implementing and managing major business transformation programmes in partnership with the client. Mary has specialised in change leadership covering organisation vision and values, core competencies, organisation design, role impact, cultural change, communication and transformation planning.

  • Mary's key skills and strengths are in the design and facilitation of major change leadership programmes. She has worked with a wide variety of clients in a range of market sectors. She has a particular interest in the requirements and impacts of customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives. More...
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Further information

  • To learn more about how we can help please use our Contact page to discuss your requirements further.