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"I ain't no square with my corkscrew hair."
    Telegram Sam - Marc Bolan.

Marc Bolan and T.Rex Lists


There is room in cyberspace for many lists :-) These are the ones I know about:
  • Slider mailing list
  • Till dawn mailing list
  • TREX mailing list
  • alt.music.trex newsgroup

Slider mailing list

Join the T(yrannosaurus) Rex mailing list by sending an email to
with the following command in the body of your email message:
subscribe slider.

Till Dawn mailing list

Some words from Rick Dalvano, the list manager of the TillDawn mailing list site. Go there for more information and to apply:

Till Dawn The Global Marc Bolan List

Hi! My name is Rick (Rickster)... I am the list-owner & manager of the Till Dawn mailing list - A list that celebrates the life and music of Marc Bolan & T. Rex through list chat & a website. Our website can be found at our domain http://www.tilldawn.net as well as our most popular sub-section -THE T.O.M.B.- http://www.tilldawn.net/tomb.html

To quote (paraphrase) "Guitarist" magazine T.O.M.B is where every Bolan fan should begin their Marc Bolan /T.Rex web journey.

Till Dawn was founded by Russ Thomas and myself in early '97. We created Till Dawn as a private list, to offer a small oasis for some of the fans that have been around since "back in the 70's"...(ok, ok, that's just a nice way to say we're getting old!) There are so many lists out there that flounder for want of a sensible, flexible and open attitude toward its members - we just wanted to create the right mood. And that takes good management!

Well we certainly succeeded - with aprox.125 members spread over the entire globe none of us are "All Alone" for very long! Some of our members' musical knowledge would astound you - some of them are well known musicians and authors, others can tell personal stories about meeting Marc or worked with Marc. Others spread their web related skills over the world to help bring Marc & T.REX to yet more people.

This list is for "community" (caring/sharing) minded people, we do not hesistate to share and get know each other as -people- which has proven a great sucess knowing we aren't limited in our Marc connection But our "Human" connection as well, which brings with it an amazing amount of similarities & interests "Weird Strings".

Enjoy & Please be patient it is a limited list..It might take time to join but it is well worth the wait

TREX mailing list

Note: Some words quoted from the TREX mailing list site. Go there for more information and to join:

We are a friendly UK-Based List with members from the UK & Worldwide too. Join the TREX List for discussions & chat on all things Marc Bolan: (Questions; Views on releases; re-releases etc) & on the often over looked Mickey Finn, Steve Currie, Steve Took & Bill Legend. Also it is quite P.C. to talk off topic about everyday life as well!

Anyone new to the music of Marc Bolan is especially welcome.

Think of a place where friendship is placed at the equal top and you know what we mean. You will soon make friends & as there are usually T.Rex List members at UK Conventions & other events, if you've never been to one because you thought you were on your own - now you can as you aren't!! But if you can't make it - then photos of events are posted on the list too! One thing and sorry for being negative, Please be aware that talking "Bolan politics" is not allowed. And flaming will not be tolerated.

TREX- Keeping Marc In Our Hearts & Doing our bit to make sure the name Marc Bolan is kept   alive in the 21st Century.<G>.

alt.music.t-rex Newsgroup

This newsgroup has been a round since late 1997 but not many people seem to have discovered it yet. Still I check it out every now and then as more and more people are discovering it: news:alt.music.t-rex

I now maintain the FAQ for this newsgroup: faq-alt-music-t-rex

Marc CDs at:

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