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"Harlequin stands theatrical, Mincing smirk dancing on the hip of his lip."
    Oh Harley (The Saltimbanques) - Marc Bolan.

T.Rex - Bolan Boogie reviews.

List of Reviewers

=== Review by Mark Shoulder ===

I feel this is one of the best collections ever, in fact I always think of it as a main sequence album because it was the first I ever bought (I think, followed by Slider, then EW 2nd hand from another kid at school.) Anyway, I'd recommend to anyone; excellent intro to T.Rex because it covers the transition period.

=== Review by David Do ===

When it was first mentioned a few weeks ago to rewiew an album you hadn't heard for a long time I looked through my collection and pulled out Bolan Boogie. A sadly neglected album, so I wrote about that .However, I didn't want to be the only reviewer of the month so I never posted it, but as Stewarts done his and got me in the mood ,here goes!!!!!!

Electric Warrior was the first album I ever owned , by any artist, The Slider 2nd then Bolan Boogie . It was the summer of 72 and I was 15. Bolan Boogie had a tremendous impact on me , more than Warrior or Slider, I think because it wasn't what I expected. 14 classic songs, 12 of them completely new to me. It was the first time I ever heard Tyrannosaurus Rex. Fist Heart, She was born, Dove. It was the melodies that struck me first, then the words , then the imagery. Usually , if you lucky, when you hear a new album, a couple of songs stand out - blow your mind, but with Bolan Boogie every song did this.I don't think I've ever recovered!

I take these songs for granted now, but if you actually stop and examine each song in turn and think about it, only then can you appreciate the staggering brilliance of each one. Bolan Boogie has got to be the greatest compilation album of all time, the simplistic beauty of She was born to be my Unicorn and Dove ( See how the sun shines like an arc , where you walk!!) . The truly awesome King of the Mountain Cometh. Woodland Rock - the only rock n' roll song you'll ever need (I know Stewart won't agree!) Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart, listen to the start of this song, those first crashing chords, still sends a shiver down my spine. Jewel just explodes from you speakers like a ..... well big explodie thing. I never got the thrill of buying Hot Love or Get It On when they were released - flipping them over and discovering those incredible b-sides......it happened all in one go on Bolan Boogie. Raw Ramp / Electric Boogie.....life don't get much better than this.

David Do.

=== Review by David Best ===

Hi Tillers,

Well, this is my first review of an album so be kind;-)

First, the cover. The back picture should have been used on the front. I like the T.Rex name stamped on the cover but the Bolan Boogie letters, please.

By the time I got my vinyl copy of this album I had heard all the tracks before except for Summertime Blues. A compilation album is a tough one to listen to. You get so used to hearing the tracks in their original context, that when they are taken out of that, they can sound fresh and new, or just out of place. The arrangement of songs on this compilation work well together.

  • Get It On - have listened to this for years now, enuff said, I love the intro.
  • Beltane Walk - a happy song, and then we'll walk
  • The King of the Mountain Cometh - I love the lyrics, so mythical, doh,doh,ooh
  • Jewel - love the sound of the bass, Marc's voice at its finest?
  • Born to be My Unicorn - my favorite Tyrannosaurus Rex album and my favorite track, rumbles along.
  • Dove - whoever this is about, I want to be with them;-)
  • Woodland Rock - couple of minutes of pure bop, oh yeah
  • Ride a White Swan - where it all began, wear a tall hat
  • There was a Time/Raw Ramp - so much said, in so few words, breasts, Electric Boogie should have been a full fledge song of its own, love the guitar, hate it to end.
  • Jeepster - hit factory slick
  • Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart - makes me want to put Beard of Stars on and listen to the whole album.
  • By the Light of the Magical Moon - a woman, a dance, and I say hey hey.
  • Summertime Blues - first song I heard Marc cover. I prefer The Who's but Mickey is at his best.
  • Hot Love - got me out to buy a T.Rex song, more verses less chorus please.
When I listen to this album it reminds me of so much of Marc's great music that I want to grab each album and listen to them again. So, as a compilation, this album does what a compilation should...make you want to listen to more! A fantastic album.


=== Review by Rob ===

Bolan's Boogie
T-Rex - 1971
**** stars

Bolan had broken the market and was fast becoming the new teenage star of Britain; the first since the Beatles. He had shaken the listening audience with 'Ride a White Swan', had rocked them with 'Get It On', had mesmerised with the album Electric Warrior and now backed up the fact that he was the new music messiah with Bolan's Boogie a clever collection of his electric hippy through to his present day work.

The tracks provide an intriguing look into the mind of someone who, within just three years, had transformed from a hippy-fundamentalist dreaming of hobbits and goblins through to a teen-stud poetically reasoning his lust for breasts.(!) The whole album weaves and leads the listener on an enchanted journey, one which he or she will take over and over again. Brilliant.

Song List:

Get It On
Beltane Walk
King of the Mountain Cometh
She Was Born to Be My Unicorn
Woodland Rock
Ride A White Swan
Raw Ramp
Fist Heart, Mighty Dawn Dart
By the Light of a Magical Moon
Summertime Blues
Hot Love

=== Review by timot ===

hi tots,
supose its another head ducking time with one of my many head twisting mind warping brain boggling reviews so here it guzzzzzzz

well "get it on" & "jeepster" a spin off from e/w.......
  • beltane walk....still sounding fresh,as i said in my other reviews" who's tuneing up the guitar then ?" at the beggining of this record...so symbolic.
  • the king of the mountain cometh.......shit hot gothic sounding marc done here,it took me to a place of pure out of this world ,that conan the bleedin barberian would would visit for his vaccation<bfg> love this mystical track from start to finish,the end with that electric guitar and the choirus,the pitch and finnished off with an accustic,shows me how magical marc and tony v pulled together to produce marcs brilliant work xxxx
  • jewel..orgasmic ending...does any one know if he tryed to play this guitar like a violin towards the end,or did he stick it on his bonce and play it like a dyslexic" just like me" <g>
  • she was born to be my unicorn...sounding like a very hippy fing,great lyrics.....sounds sleezy hey ? marc riding his words close,dragging them like a physcodelic poem,love the beat,
  • dove,sorrow of missing someone,harmonious towards the end,crisp to listern to.
  • woodland rock.... jiggin along record,love the sound of the electics in stereo..ya see we had a mono fing when i was fostered,,,but when i heard this in stero and different noise's comming out of each speaker this track brings me back home...? well foster home.....again,i remember it was 27 years ago to this day of writting i was put in care with my sisters......bleedin uncanny,me foster sister who was mad on marc at the time,and eventally knicking all her records ,,,,ha ha ha life is strange xxx
  • ride a white swan....recognistion of bolan to fame,great guitar work,sounds so yankee to me,,,always rember this when i heard it on the radio when i was 10 years old...stills makes my ears prick,so sexual in its method,bellbottom trousers and all them hippys that lived in smethwick at the time,played this to bits,cork screw hair,and all them thumb tambourine fings on their hands.........ho nostelgic Karizmaaaaaaaa
  • raw ramp.. there was a time ...so short and so sweet,love this track to bits,such harmany ,such a melody ive heard no one else match this in my life raw ramp..yeh,hits my teenage years rite on the bollox,,, love all the lyrics,specially "ho woman,i love your chest hooo...baby im crazy about your breast" yes im a titty man,butt i dont care cos marc sings it,i fink it.......and for years the begging of raw ramp i thought marcs lyrics went like this"baby, i got rid of meesuuu" i must be tone deaf,but put this track on "never mind the buzzcocks" and see what they come up with........i learnt the lyrics from ivans site...makes scence know,but a sure song that will go down well in the anuls of my heart ?
  • electic boogie boogie on....great
  • fist heart mighty dawn dart....pure and is a beautifull tune
  • by the light of the magical moon......again another great sounding tune
  • summer time blues......cochran's was great,but i lke marcs better,dunno why but i do.....<shrug sholders mode>
  • hot love..... i think i said this before,noel edmonds<d.j> for radio one said at the time it was a 1 minute song with a threee minute ending.....but it got to number one so i hope he had his ass kicked ,and swollowed his words<g>narrrr,i like noel edmonds,but the record sounds so summery,of 71...,,

=== Review by Karen ===

To me this compilation of some of Marc's finest work, gently introduces the T.Rex fan to Tyrannosaurus Rex. Here is a good point to start.

  • The opening track is one of Marc's most popular songs "get it on" ok a bit repetitive, but it still gives me goose bumps when I hear it.
  • Beltane walk - another catchy tune, T.Rex definetly had arrived at this point. Plenty of tamborine, accompanies Marcs beautiful voice.
  • The King of the mountain cometh - I love this track, the words tell you a story, always makes me want to strum along to it.
  • Jewel - Well this is one of my all time fave T.Rex tracks, not as poppy as some of T.Rex's material, maybe that's why I love it. It has a much heavier feel to it, Marc really goes for it on guitar, also love the bongo's. The lyrics who else but Marc could conjure up the line, "She bathes in thunder, and the elves are under her" classic Bolan.
  • She was born to be my Unicorn - This is from the Unicorn album, as you can guess, my fave track off the Lp, it's so mythical, so beautiful, again Marc's prowess to produce such beautiful lyrics always does it for me.
  • Dove - The beauty of acoustic guitar accompanied by bongo's and bells and other instruments make this a real treat to the listener, a beautiful love song, I love it.
  • Woodland Rock - A real rockin track, you can imagine all the fairies and elves boppin in the woods to this one. That's what Marc's music does for me, congures up images in my mind.
  • Ride a white swan - Listening to this track yesterday, and it seemed so fitting to celebrate the summer solstice to, you could blast this one out at Stonehenge, a certain pagan celebration sound.
  • Raw Ramp - one of my favourite songs (again) I love how it merges from the beautiful "There was a time" into the rauncy "Raw Ramp" and finishing up on electric boogie, I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like this song.
  • Jeepster - Another T.Rex single this Lp is a good mixture of charted singles and Lp material. I still love this song even today, no matter how many times I hear it.
  • First Heart Mighty Dawn Dart - Another Tyrann track, with Marc singing beautifully, this song is ageless, it never seems to age (to my ears anyway) Marc at his best on guitar here.
  • By the Light Of A Magical Moon - This song sums up the whole Hippie period to me, I loved it the first time I heard it, still sounds as good today, in fact I can't believe how old it is. Close your eyes, take off yur shoes, and hey you're there. Marc at his sultry best.
  • Summertime Blues - Giving Eddie Cochran a run for his money (well maybe not) not one of my fave tracks, guess it's because I've never been a big fan of the song, to 1950's for my taste.
  • Hot Love - My all time T.Rex single, this is a song that conjures up T.Rex at their peak. It was this song that I ever spotted Marc singing on TOTP, he blew me away, guess I've been a huge fan ever since. I always imagine summer when I hear this track, don't know why, maybe it was just the carefree time I was living in.
Bolan Boogie to me is a brilliant compilation Lp, great for playing, when you are not in the mood to listen to one Lp in partivcular, it'll always be a fave of mine.
Thanks for listening,

Karen(Torchgirl of the marshes)

=== Review by Stewart ===

Hey nothing like leaving things to the last min.<G>. To tell the truth i do not have this album as such ,but i have all the tracks from it. So what i did was to listen to tracks from it here and there and put down a few notes about it.

The thing that really strikes me about this album is i wonder if it was Marc who wanted it put out or his record company.Now don't get me wrong i love all the songs from it,but it is so varied from Marc's Tyranno album's to his State of the Art Electric Warrior album.

I have never mixed Marc's two different sounds , it was either one or the other when i listened, i think i had to be in a different mood to listen to one or the other.

Marc's Tyranno albums i listen to with head phones on,they just take me away into another world,but i have learn to listen to them in front of the computer<G>.

Marc's more electric track's i like to crank up and watch the house groove to the tunes.I can walk around, do the dish's ,clean the house or just sit back and enjoy them,but the Tyranno track's Cry out for attention or is it Pay attention<G>.

Raw Ramp is the stand out track for me ,mabey because i don't get to hear it as much as i would like,untill last month i only had it on LP and LP's need special attention to play,well work really LOL ,CD's are so much easier to live with.

I wonder how well this album went over when it was first put out,mixing the two different ,but equally great sounds.I have always thought that you had to learn to love Marc's early work,it was and still is so far ahead of anything else you can listen to. Well not much of a review ,but then you have to understand i'm still learning about Marc's music even after listening to it for over 20 years.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Romany Stew

=== Review by Pierre ===

Got this one during the summer of '75 I think.

Went for 2 or 3 weeks to Christchurch a small town near Bournemouth, to improve my english. Bought as many T.Rex records as I could : B O Doves, R a white swan compil, B boogie, singles.

The problem was that our b-sides missed tracks : no 'There was a time', no 'Summertime blues' on french singles. I love there was a time. Summertime is not one of my fav.

The family where I was living made a party for me. The uncle was a dj and had brought all his singles. He gave me 'Teennage dream' when I told him that I'd been unable so far to ear 'Satisfaction Pony' ( not on the french single). This touched me very much.

That's all folks


=== Review by Sverre and Melinda ===

Till Tillers and Dawnettes!
Bolan Boogie - a "conversation".
I did not buy this compilation in younger days because I had the songs spread on different records. *I wish I had done it*. It is a thrill to hear these songs (from 69 to 71) in this order!!

I love the black and white Tyranno/T.Rex covers and this cover is no fave, - far from it. Although I really like the pic of Marc caught in the act of bopping, playing a high note on his white Strat, his head is tilted back, his eyes are closed, he is wearing a shiny jacket, it all is glitter and hot bluesy raw T.Rex. I love it. A great back picture! It should have been on the front! <g>
I can't comment on this, I had to make my tape (but it was a very personal experience.) :-)))
I guess the songs are placed in a none-thematic order and "Get It On" is a brilliant start and "Hot Love" closes the album with style.
I guess the red thread through the album is sex! <g>
I must agree with you on the sex thing, three songs definately. I'd include 'Raw Ramp' but it is a three-parter.
And my fave track "Unicorn" is in there!! :-) A beautiful hymn to a woman, - is it???
So, - the songs:
about time, jeeezz. ;-))

Sorry, - I know I tend to ramble, it won't happen again! <g>

*Get It On*
This is a fantastic song, - one of the best. Upon a steady pulsating rhythm you find a simple melody, - with E and A chords in the verse and G and A chords in the chorus. Less is more, the Hemingway "iceberg" technique in a musical frame.
aaaah, I hear those first chords, and my heart leaps, there's Marc, (just ask my co-workers). Basicly classic T-rex.
Marcs singing is wonderful, - sexy, haunting and seductive.
Marcs singing is always sexy, haunting and seductive, or maybe, I'm dreaming, mmmmmmmm? sigh.

Sometimes, there's a sadness in his voice, i.e. on some "Brown Album" songs. There is a wonderful background singing, - a humming. Vaguely.
That's Flo & Eddie, dear (I believe).
Piano and baritone saxes, creates staccato "patterns" upon the "evergoing" pulse. The riff, - so simple and so haunting. A musical mystery.

The lyric is pure sex.
yes this one that is pure sex and lust
By the way, I like this line: "You got the blues in your shoes and your stockings". I wonder why? <g>
tell us dear....
I wouldn't dare. See Chapter Two and Three, - *privately*! <g>

*Beltane Walk*
A lovely riff and guitar sound. The "Brown Album" is my ultimate winter album because of the sound on it. There is a warmth on that album which is unique. It is glowing.

The lyric of "Beltane Walk" is fantastic, the simple string arrangement is beautiful.
"Give me little love from her heart", lovely I agree makes me think of how we remember the 60's and early 70's were.
In younger days I only liked the song, - today I love it!!!

*The King of the Mountain Cometh*
A masterpiece with amazing lyric. An acoustic/electric fantasy adventure. I love the "Du-duluddle, luddle, dau dau" between the verses. :-) This song makes me smile from ear to ear, and I can't sit still.

And I like the wild ending, the distortion and howls.

Du-duluddle, luddle, dau dau..............
This is a song of time, beautiful. I agree with you on the ending.

"Jewel" is a jewel! I did not see it, (hear it), - when I was young. I did not like it!!? Maybe because it followed "The Children of Rarn" - part one. "Jewel" was too wild, too noisy, I was still lost in a dream - world.
I loved this song from the first time I heard it, it excited me. A quite a love song.
Today I love it. The song grew through the years, so did I, I grew older. <g> I love everything about the song. The lyric, melody, arrangement, distortion, everything. The riff is haunting. Fave line: "She bathes in thunder, the elves are under her."

*She was Born to be my Unicorn*
It is a shock to hear "She was Born to be my Unicorn" in this frame. It does not belong here, it does not fit in!!!
My such strong opinions, they get like that as you get older I guess:-))
I love this song, - my fave! A wonderful melody on an "evergoing" steady beat. Steve - the rhythm wizard is drifting in and out of the soundscape with his percussions and voice and strange instruments.
This song reminds me of my Sarah, she has always been my Unicorn princess. It has beautiful, magical melody, great song. Marc's singing is magical.
I can't say much about the lyric. Maybe Marc says, "She was born to be my fair, gracious, beautiful woman"? Unobtainable, with healing oil! <g> According to legends of the unicorn, and its healing power and beauty.

Is this Marcs saddest lyric ever? Maybe. This and "Lofty Skies"? "Dove" is wonderful, - I almost cry when I hear it. Really.

Lovely guitar solo, fragile, brittle upon a falsetto background.

(You know what this song means to me.)
This is a tribute to love, and missing the one you love. If everyone loved this fully, the world would be happier, maybe more obssesive, and possessive though, yes this could back fire. (just kidding guys)

*Woodland Rock*
A great song!! The guitaring is exciting. And Marc stretches his voice in all directions, - brilliant.
I may have missed this song if wasn't for this review, I had heard but never really paid and attention to it. I really like it it is too fun, "let it all hang out, everbody shout and do the rock, do the Woodland Rock". I love that guitar thingy sound..

*Ride a White Swan*
A fave. Wonderful melody on a simple riff. Lovely strings. The bass goes on, steady - chasing the words. Wonderful ending. Awesome lyric!!
Such a nice follow up after 'Woodland Rock', rockin' and riding with Marc.

Yeah! Simple song with lovely lyrics.

*Raw Ramp*
"There was a time" is a fantastic piece. God, I love this song!! Magical, - an incredibly beautiful song. Awesome!!!!!!

It was hidden on a single B-side!? Unbelievable!
Almost as if it was written for another time??
A song about better days, I think. 68 - 69?

"And all the children they put flowers in their hair".

Hey, it's about Michel Mouse! He was there! <g>
"Raw Ramp" is raw, sexy, wonderful. A rhythmic masterpiece? Yes!! One of Marcs best songs? Yes! I can't sit still, I bop and smile!
Yes, that would be Raw Ramp, raw sex, I could nicer things to say about a woman, but know one is asking. It does have that great driving beat to it.
The beat is one of the "secrets" about the T.Rex sound. The way the songs often pulsate. Add riffs only Marc could come up with. Add Marcs haunting voice, amazing lyrics, Tonys strings, some magic dust and there you are. :-)


"Electric Boogie" is "Get It On" revisited, (sort of). In rhythm and mood and sound.
I love this one I could listen to it forever, If my family would let me. "Electric boogie, boogie on"

Great melody, haunting riff and rhythm. I love the guitaring, - a sexy lyric. Marc had one foot in the blues and one foot in the land of the unicorns when he was with us.

"Jeepster" is a bluesy jewel.
I had always wondered how he did that heavy drumming sound. I found out last year, thanks to one of the Bolan websites. He knew what he wanted his music to sound like. And did it. another great song full of lust. "Your vibrations are burning up my feet..." (how did he know?)
Marc had the sound he wanted in his head, but he needed help from Tony to put it on tape. My humble thoughts, and guessing, - (I wasn't there.)

*Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart*
I love this song, the intro, the melody, the tender guitaring. I don't understand the title, can you help, Mel???
mm, well I think let me think on this. Love the way you put me on the spot, dear.
-lol- I can do it again! :-)
Okay my opinion, not for grade, or a get out of jail card (okay maybe the card) fist heart, meaning strong fighting heart? Mighty dawn dart, meaning? attack at dawn?
I have never thought of it this way, but this makes sense, oh yes! There are many references to the book of Agadinmar on "Beard of Stars". Marc might be singing/thinking of the terrible Dworns in this song??

I always thought "Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart" was a hymn to the new day, - (although it comes slow.) And a hymn or a "prayer" to the sun. (Sun Liege.)

But the title didn't make sense to me. Remember, it is foreign tongue. Sometimes I lose track. (Often.) <g>

If the day comes slow, then the night is long, - more precisely, it feels long. There might be Dworns in the shadows of the night.

(Still, there is a light mood in the song, it might be a hymn.)
that's what I pick up, and the lyrics, "in some way our slain are yours" he may have been, talking about the way humans treat the earth, and/or each other.
I agree!

The lyric puzzles me! I'll work on this. :-)
I could be over analysing remember, the 'The Throat of Winter'.

*By the Light of a Magical Moon*
A fave of mine!! A wonderful melody and lyric. This song reminds me of a princess I know!! :-)

Till that deep and joyous day We'll dance and pray.
The perfect song's for lovers, just to hold the one you love and sway, to another land.

"I'll barefoot dance with my baby"

Lovely and Magical the only Marc can do it.

*Summertime Blues*
I did not like this song when I was young. I really like it now, when I am old and wise <g> and deeply into blues. Marcs singing is beautiful.
I've only heard this song in the last year, I do love it, would I have when I was younger? Maybe, I doubt it though.

*Hot Love*
This is where it all started for me. "Hot Love" was on "Best of T.Rex" which I bought secondhand in 72. I love this song, - it is an all time fave because of nostalgic reasons, AND its beauty! The bass, the riff fascinates me. The interlude (solo) is great. After 1.56 the "la - las" begin. Too long??, - I don't know. They had fun in the studio I have read. :-)
mmmm, young and innocent free love, okay the greatest lust and sex song of all time.
Marcs singing, - and the lyric is wonderful.
"....in my persian gloves, uh huh"
So, "Bolan Boogie" is a fantastic collection of jewels, and I bought it many years too late. :-(
I still love the order that they run in, of course I had fun jumping from cd's to lp's, it was fun. But I'm keeping my day job.
One of my regrets.

Luckily, I have lived with this songs, since I was 13! :-) And I love them to bits.
And now I have get the cd, to see what it sounds like, with a pause between songs (me and my impatience).
Melinda, thank you for the "chat"!! Hey, let's do it again. :-)

So, - the short version is, - we love this album! :-)

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