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Kenilworth Grammar School 1971

KGS Class of '71 (photos, original size)

Hover the mouse over a face to see the name. Please let me know of any errors of omissions by emailing me at mark.mclellan@mmenterprises.co.uk

To see enlargements (twice the size) of these pictures try Old photos (large).

To find out more about the KGS reunion on Saturday 27 October 2001 see Kenilworth Grammar School Class of 1971 Reunion


b1: John Newey b2: Richard Payne b3: Glyn Jones b4: Brian Burton b5: Chris Beasley b6: Phil Monaghan b7: Richard Skelcey b8: Palle Gronning b9: Nick Webley b10: Nigel Bull b11: Richard Drake b12: Nick Welch b13: Andrew Fox b14: Martin Haswell b15: Ken Harrop b16: Clive Dodd b17: (U6th x 6) Jeff Love b18: Bill Nealon b19: Ross Beadle b20: Kevin Beckett b21: David Ashwell b22: Phil Marston b23: Richard (Ben) Eykyn b24: Martin Furness b25: Kevin Langley b26: Mick Barton b27: Phil Curzon b28: Nigel Mykura b29: Paul Ainsworth b30: Mark McLellan b31: Alan Carter b32: David Botterill b33: Nigel Walden b34: Simon Trenear

Missing: Steve Mallorie, Adrian Burbidge, Pete Old


g1: Cathy Holland g2: Anne Shone g3: Linda Thomspon g4: Helen Randall g5: Jenny Sharpe g6: Pat Clarke g7: Sue Chimes g8: Christine Churchill g9: Sue Kirk g10: Heather Brown g11: Sue Leveson g12: Louise Phillips g13: Ann Smith (tbc) g14: Dilys Crumpton g15: Gill Hebden g16: Linda Scott g17: Lesley Fletcher g18: Jennifer Webb g19: Jane Ferguson g20: Wendy Skinner g21: Christine Kennell g22: Deidre Turnbull g23: Gillian Dore g24: Sue Lawton g25: Sue Shepherd g26: Carol Jones g27: Christine Hills g28: Daphne Kane g29: Margaret Jolley g30: Caroline Bostock g31: Linda Kay g32: Linda Wake g33: Kathleen Gibson g34: Ruth Speed g35: Liz Thomas g36: Christine Perry g37: Sue Lamb g38: Alex Smith g39: Catherine Newton g40: Janice Clamp

Missing: Virginia Edwards

Boys and girls

Boys Girls
1. John Newey
2. Richard Payne
3. Glyn Jones
4. Brian Burton
5. Chris Beasley
6. Phil Monaghan
7. Richard Skelcey
8. Palle Gronning
9. Nick Webley
10. Nigel Bull
11. Richard Drake
12. Nick Welch
13. Andrew Fox
14. Martin Haswell
15. Ken Harrop
16. Clive Dodd
17. (U6th x 6) Jeff Love
18. Bill Nealon
19. Ross Beadle
20. Kevin Beckett
21. David Ashwell
22. Phil Marston
23. Richard (Ben) Eykyn
24. Martin Furness
25. Kevin Langley
26. Mick Barton
27. Phil Curzon
28. Nigel Mykura
29. Paul Ainsworth
30. Mark McLellan
31. Alan Carter
32. David Botterill
33. Nigel Walden
34. Simon Trenear
Steve Mallorie
Adrian Burbidge
Pete Old
1. Cathy Holland
2. Anne Shone
3. Linda Thompson
4. Helen Randall
5. Jenny Sharpe
6. Pat Clarke
7. Sue Chimes
8. Christine Churchill
9. Sue Kirk
10. Heather Brown
11. Sue Leveson
12. Louise Phillips
13. Ann Smith (tbc)
14. Dilys Crumpton
15. Gill Hebden
16. Linda Scott
17. Lesley Fletcher
18. Jennifer Webb
19. Jane Ferguson
20. Wendy Skinner
21. Christine Kennell
22. Deidre Turnbull?
23. Gillian Dore
24. Sue Lawton
25. Sue Shepherd
26. Carol Jones
27. Christine Hills
28. Daphne Kane
29. Margaret Jolley
30. Caroline Bostock
31. Linda Kay
32. Linda Wake
33. Kathleen Gibson
34. Ruth Speed
35. Liz Thomas
36. Christine Perry
37. Sue Lamb
38. Alex Smith
39. Catherine Newton
40. Janice Clamp
Virginia Edwards

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