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"Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row."
    Traditional - nursery rhyme.

A Trulli in Puglia, Italy

Our holiday home

If you would be interested in booking this trulli for a holiday please visit "www.holiday-rentals.co.uk"


  • Trulli are a style of building unique to a small area of Puglia in southern Italy.
  • They are stone-built with conical roofs. We have seven cones.

Garden View

  • This view is taken from the edge of the property.
  • We have (if I remember correctly) seven olive trees, 12 fig trees and a number of other as-yet-unidentified trees.

Trulli Cones

  • They are dry-stone built; i.e. no mortar, supposedly to avoid an old tax on permanent buildings.
  • This building also has a Lamia (a farm building) and an external pizza oven.

Kitchen / Dining Room

  • The kitchen / dining room incudes a wood-burning stove for cool days.

Living Room

  • The living room will eventually include a sofa bed for extra guests.


  • When we first saw this property the floor was two foot deep in rubble, the plaster was falling off the walls, the roof leaked and there were no doors or windows. What a transformation!.

Pizza Oven

  • For me, I will know we truly own this place when we bake our first pizza in this oven :-)

Before and After Pictures

Having, finally, finished the work on the trulli we went through the photo archive and dug out some before pictures so we could show you the difference [click on images for larger version].

Main courtyard before and after

Cones viewed from the garden

view of cones from garden before worksview of cones from garden after works

Inside of the Lamia from the door towards kitchen and bathroom

view of lamia living room before worksview of lamia living room after works

Inside of the Lamia looking back towards the door

view of lamia fireplace before worksview of lamia fireplace after works

Back of the Lamia

view of back of the Lamia before worksview of back of the Lamia after works

The Cones from the Lamia Roof

The Cones from the Lamia Roof before worksThe Cones from the Lamia Roof after works

Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven before worksPizza Oven after works

The plan

Plan of the house
  • This shows plans of the Trulli house at the top and the lamia house on the right.

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