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Mary Galashan: Key Projects

  • Assisted the successful delivery of a major cross-government transformation programme. Held a variety of roles including:
    • defining change objectives and approach to implementing new ways of working
    • ensuring the successful implementation of a national IT system through the development and implementation of culture change plans
    • supporting the successful delivery of culture change programmes in local areas by developing and advising on change strategies, plans and tools

  • Lead the change management team to plan, implement and manage the change activities required to ensure the successful roll-out of an integrated HR system to a service with 3 separate Area Health Boards and around 15,000 staff. Directed and supported the organisation design, benefits, communication and training activities of the project team including client staff. Worked with senior executives to ensure appropriate levels of involvement, sponsorship and effective communication of the project throughout the service. Facilitated development of cross Health Board approaches and solutions.

  • Worked with senior executives to agree the overall responsibilities and structure of the new department within a Transport Authority and to plan transfer of staff and functions from existing departments. Developed role profiles, defined skills and behavioural requirements for new management team and direct reports. Developed communications to raise internal awareness and to support internal and external staff recruitment.

  • Lead the organisation design and communications activities in support of set-up of a new trading company and migration of business unit functionality into the new model for a Global Manufacturing company. Worked with the senior executives to describe their vision and objectives, identify and evaluate organisation design options and define the recommended option for the trading company. Facilitated management team meetings and supported the formation of the new management team. Established standard role definitions across the organisation to be used as a basis for job descriptions and future recruitment. Estimated resource requirements for the new organisation based on industry standards. Planned and managedinitial phases of the communications strategy and plan.

    Planned, developed and ran training courses and activities aimed at building and maintaining programme team effectiveness including team building, presentation skills, coaching and social events.

  • Planned and managed the change, communication and learning activities associated with the implementation of new Practice Management and Financial systems for Deloitte Consulting, impacting all staff in the UK.

  • Planned change management activities and lead a joint consultant / client team to support the implementation of a new Campaign Management system across the 12 business units of a major UK distribution company. Analysed impact of the implementation on structure, roles, competencies, behaviours and worked with business unit representations to agree and implement the actions required. Facilitated cross business unit working to ensure consistent approaches and adoption of best practice across the organisation. Managed skills transfer to client.